January 1 – Road Trip (of sorts)

Each Christmas we end up doing various catch ups, spend some time with my parents, see Chris’s Parents and see my Grandparents. As well as these we go to visit Chris’s Auntie and her housemate/lodger (she’s like a second auntie in a way as she’s always been in Chris’s life).

Last year Second Auntie wasn’t very well and plans had to be rescheduled and in the end cancelled. Because of one thing and another it met that the next time we got to see them was now which means that we haven’t seen them for two years.

Chris’s Auntie lives in Suffolk so its a bit of a road trip from Bedford. Because Chris wanted to get up and go to be at their house for 11 I spent most of the car journey crocheting and just chilling rather than snapping random photos. It’s actually good I wasn’t driving as quite a few of my landmarks have changed. At the roundabout at Caxton Gibbet the old Chinese Restaurant has been knocked down and replaced with two fast food chains and a coffee shop and when you get almost to the village before the one Chris’s auntie lives in there have been a whole chunk of new ish houses built. I guess if all else had failed I’d have stuck on the splat nav and got on with it.

We arrived around 11ish after a flying trip to the supermarket on the way there. We all got settled and caught up with what was going on. We exchanged Christmas presents. I was given a Christmas mug by Chris’s Auntie and between Chris and I, we were given a wooden solitaire puzzle from Second Auntie.

We had a lovely roast dinner for lunch. I tried Chestnut stuffing and a Parsley and Sage stuffing. Personally I’d prefer sausagemeat or Sage and Onion but I didn’t mind trying it. Chris’s auntie is a lovely good and when she does a roast you know you won’t be going hungry.

Chris’s Auntie had made a butternut squash sponge for pudding – I know it sounds random but it was really nice. It was orange which was quite funny. Apparently she’d stumbled on it by accident when trying to find a way to use up a butternut squash.

After lunch we played various board games, Chris won when we played The Logo Board game, we then played another one called Fun in a Box or something like that but it didn’t entirely make sense how to play and for what it was seemed really complicated.

I’m now writing this in the car on the way home. In one of the villages there is a railway crossing and just before the crossing there is an old style telephone box but instead of just normal clear glass there is stained glass in each window. Really I should have jumped out and taken a picture on the way as it was too dark on the way back.

Wish I'd taken a picture in daylight this doesn't do it justice at all but irs still an amazing #telephonebox #redtelephonebox

I love the idea of having a red telephone box in the garden but I imagine they are getting rarer and rarer. While I’m sat in the car I’m going to plot and plan and hopefully post a bit more this month than I did last month!

At least now I can talk about being a mum!

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