January 11 – Ouch Sore Lips


Being sick over Christmas sucks and I should know that from the time I had a fluey cold thing on Christmas Day when I was in my teens – I think I pretty much opened my presents and went back to sleep till lunchtime, didn’t eat anything and then watched TV from the sofa while wrapped in my duvet – or something like that.

The photo above was taken when I was sick a few years ago – it has a green wall which means it’s our current house but it’s the green sofa which means it was before Our Sidekick came to live with us. We now have a dark blue Ikea special lol.

Anyway, this year it crept up on me – I’d been well over Christmas (Well apart from the usual Baby Growing Exhaustion which is a regular feeling at the moment!) and then on the weekend between Christmas and New Year I just got this cold. Our Sidekick had been coughing and we dealt with that but then I went down with it.

I dragged myself into work on the 30th but after like two hours I was ready to come home – our office is always too hot or too cold so that plus feeling rubbish just made me want to curl up and sleep. I stayed home New Year’s Eve too – I even missed a NYE party in favour of staying in bed and watching TV on my iPad.

Having slept on and off all day I felt much better and was up to going to see Chris’s Auntie which I blogged about on the way back in the evening.

But why am I writing about it – well I have found that between all the coughing, sneezing and nose blowing I’ve ended up with super dry sore chapped lips. I’ve been trying various lip balms but they make my lips feel really greasy – currently back on the Carmex to see if that makes any difference. Does anyone else have any tips?