January 14 – Outgoing Mail

With the new holiday year and the new rota starting at work I ended up with a four day weekend. This did mean that apart from Sunday and yesterday I spent most of the mornings in bed – I figured that while I had the chance I’d relax and chill and enjoy the lazy days where possible.

This morning I sat in bed and watched TV on my iPad while working some more on the Tetris blanket and also decided then I’d get ahead on my letter writing. I had four letters to go out in the end today.

#outgoingmail (letter 1) and #thebletchleycircle.

This one was for my newest penpal. Her name is Maria and she lives here in the UK. I was watching The Bletchley Circle in the background having finished the last episode of Agatha Christie’s Poirot. (I know it was actually written that way but the end just seemed slightly implausible – but I won’t post spoilers in case you’ve not seen it).

#outgoingmail (letter 2) #snailmail #letters #penpal

One for Becca. She’s so lovely. I think she’s been having a bit of a tough time recently but hopefully this would bring in a bit of sunshine.

#outgoingmail (letter 3) this time going to the USA. #snailmail #penpal

To Lily in Missouri, USA!

And another. Had written this one but it got tidied away by the boys!! #penpal #letters #snailmail

To Lexi up in Merseyside.

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