Jaxon has a Great Adventure in Copenhagen Day 4

Back in the February half term, we went to Copenhagen for a few days. Having been in the summer too, we were excited to see the city in a different season and visit new places. We were nervous about travelling when the COVID-19 Pandemic was getting worse around us. (The first case in Denmark was reported a week after we’d been there). Anyway, here’s what we got up to while we were there. All the posts from this series can be found here.

Day Four

After the wobbles of the last few days, we decided that Chris and Jaxon would go on their own adventure while I had a slower day exploring by myself and chilling out.

We all walked to the S-Train stop at Bispebjerg. We had all sorts of variations of pronouncing it while we were there but at least we knew what we were making reference to even if it probably made no sense to anyone else!). My train was going to Nørrebro and the boys were going to Hellerup to go the Experimentarium and other bits.

At Nørrebro, I took the Metro to Frederiksberg for the shopping centre there. I was looking for Panduro Hobby. The store there is almost squashed in like an afterthought so there wasn’t as much choice as there had been in the store I’d visited when we did a day trip to Malmö in the Summer. In the shopping centre, i found a branch of Søstrene Grene and also a book shop called Bog and Idé.

My next stop was a yarn shop called Nicoline Garn. It was easy to find as the Metro is part of the shopping centre. The yarn shop is then a short walk from the Nørrebro Runddel Metro Station. The staff were lovely and friendly even if I was a bit like a deer in the headlights when they spoke to me. One lovely lady asked me a question in Danish and I’ve just looked completely blank at her. I think she realised that I didn’t understand, and then asked me in English instead. Unlike Sommerfuglen, that I visited before, this yarn shop had more “everyday” yarn Which was good but I decided that I’d resist purchasing and just go with what I had with me. I then walked back to the Metro station at Norrebro via Lidl So that I can get a drink and some chocolate (I ended up finding chocolate hobnobs. Winner!) I then went back to the hostel and a little meeting before having an accidental nap. Like the boys I had a packed lunch at lunchtime.

The boys had a lovely time at the Experimentarium. With it being term time, and not a weekend, it was a lot quieter than when we had visited in the summer.

For dinner, I went to meet the boys at McDonald’s (Østerbrogade). This was actually just along the road from Nicoline Garn so it was quite easy for me to find it. I took the Metro from Skjolds Plads to Nørrebro Runddels and then walked along Østerbrogade to the McDonalds. Although I am convinced it seemed to get further away as I walked towards it lol. When I finally did get to it, I accidentally walked past and it was only when Jaxon shouted at me did I realise I’d missed it! (which he thought was hysterical!). After we had our food, we headed back to the Metro and then to the hostel.