Jaxon has a Great Adventure in Copenhagen Day 5

Back in the February half term, we went to Copenhagen for a few days. Having been in the summer too, we were excited to see the city in a different season and visit new places. We were nervous about travelling when the COVID-19 Pandemic was getting worse around us. (The first case in Denmark was reported a week after we’d been there). Anyway, here’s what we got up to while we were there. All the posts from this series can be found here.

Day Five

Today was our day at Tivoli. We had visited when we were here in the summer too. (You can see my attempt at a travel vlog here). We started the day by walking though Superkilen Park. Nørrebro is a very ethnically-diverse and socially-challenged community and the park was designed to bring people together. It’s almost a kilometre long and the name refers to it’s shape “kilen” meaning “wedge”.

We then took the Metro from Nørrebro to Københvn H (the main central station is right across the street from the gates to get into Tivoli). As I couldn’t go on any rides, I had a non-rider pass that we discovered back in the summer. The boys were determined to go on as many rides as they could.

A number of rides are based around the stories of Hans Christian Anderson. Den Flyvende Kuffert (The Flying Trunk) covers a number of HCA’s stories including The Little Mermaid and The Snow Queen feature. (I thought it was a bit like their version of It’s Small World After All at Disneyland Paris).

The good thing about coming in February was that there was a lot of the Christmas/Winter decorations and theming still out. The hot air balloons on the Ferris Wheel has been decorated as snowmen. We’d later find out that a lot of the trees around the park had twinkly lights in them.

I could have done with somewhere warmer to park as it as so cold outside just sitting still. I did try to knit but between the cold and having to move between rides I wasn’t keeping track of where I was on the pattern. We found this inside slide bit which was so much warmer. I’m sure mostly just because it was sheltered from the wind!

We ended up eating our packed lunch, outside the theatre in the middle of the park. It was still kind of cold but thanfully sheltered from the wind a bit so I got to defrost again. Hot chocolate definitely became a bit of a lifeline! With hindsight, today should have probably been the “Mummy/Hannah does her own thing” day instead of yesterday.

Dinner for us was at Tivoli Food Hall which was rather exciting but trying to find something we could/would all eat was a bit of a challenge. In the end we found a stall (I think it was Chicks by Chicks) that would do chicken nuggets and chips. Wow! The portion seemed huge lol. I could have done with a takeaway box so that I didn’t waste any of it!

After dinner, Chris did a couple more rides and then we headed back to the hostel. It was great to have a whole day in the park but for me it wasn’t all that interesting and I was so cold.

With it still getting dark around 4/5pm by the time we came out of dinner around 6/6:30pm, it was dark enough to really appreciate the sparkly lights in the trees and the other pretty lighting around the park.

All the posts from this series can be found here.