Jaxon has a Great Adventure in Copenhagen Day 7

Back in the February half term, we went to Copenhagen for a few days. Having been in the summer too, we were excited to see the city in a different season and visit new places. We were nervous about travelling when the COVID-19 Pandemic was getting worse around us. (The first case in Denmark was reported a week after we’d been there). Anyway, here’s what we got up to while we were there. All the posts from this series can be found here.

Day Seven

After breakfast, we checked out of the hotel but also put our cases in the luggage store so that we didn’t have to take them around with us this morning. Once that was sorted, we headed to Superkilen park again. It was a bit drizzly but Jaxon was still having a great time. This Octopus slide was from Japan (The name Blacksprutte translates as squid rather than Octopus). He loved exploring the different routes up and down.

This elephant slide came from Chernobyl which was kind of cool but maybe a little creepy too.

After a while, we headed to Frederiksberg C to get some lunch (this was the shopping centre I had visited on Monday). Jaxon and I had like a cross between a hot dog and a sausage roll from Fotex. It definitely seemed to be a popular choice. Chris went for a salad in the end.

While we ate our lunch in the shopping centre, we discussed what else we could do and decided that with our train tickets about to expire, it would make most sense to get to the airport and pass the time there rather than buy another ticket to get us to the airport later. First we headed back to the hostel to collect our cases and then started for the airport.

Once we got to the airport, we found some seating before going through passport control where we could pass some time. Then a bit later once we had a rough idea of our gate we moved in that direction and found some seating to watch the aeroplanes.

By the time we got back to the UK, it was getting later and later. Jaxon ate what remained of my Onsdagsnegl and then as he was getting crabby and tired, we ended up making him a little nest to snuggle in.. He’d done so well trying to keep up all day though. He had Chris’s coat as a blanket and my jumper as a pillow. I think my coat was also somewhere in the nest too.

It was lovely to visit Copenhagen again and with all the crazy that then kicked off in the weeks following our trip I’m so glad we took our family holiday in February this year.

All the posts from this series can be found here.