I’ve been catching up on reading blogs this evening so I could be back with lots of posts! My blog Buddy Sara posted a picture of her keys the other day and an explanation about her keyrings and what she has on her keys.

Sara’s are really simple with only a couple of keys but i have lots!

So starting on the left hand side. There’s my VW Beetle key ring that I was given by Lilychouchou as part of You’ve Got Mail on Swap-Bot. It’s attached to my BBC Radio 2 key ring. I won this as part of my prize for taking part in The Big Quiz on Steve Wright in The Afternoon. On this keyring there are three keys and my Hannah keyring – this used to have a little cartoon character attached to it but it came off and I lost it. 🙁  

The next bunch across has my house keys, my work keys and some other keys on it. The “bracelet” at the top is a key chain made by Sweetirie (Take a look round her shop she has them in many different colours and patterns!) 

Underneath this there is my car key and my keyring that I was given for free when I was in Milton Keynes on Saturday with my cousin Tubi.   


  1. Sara says:

    Wow, you do have more keys than I do! 🙂 Thanks for the ping and for the post. I love seeing what others carry.

    What is the cartoon character that came off of the one chain?

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