The Hamblog publishes me!

(I wrote this post on Sunday but it didn’t post so here we go this was dated on Sunday)

So Becky at the Hamblog has this awesome Advent calendar were here friends and family each write a post to go behind one of the numbers. I am Number 7! 

I write a whistle stop tour about how my family celebrate Christmas and yes I am going to be annoying and post a link to Becky’s Advent Calender rather than give you the whole story! 

Here is the opening exercpt to wet your whistle……. 

I sat down to think about what I could write about – Somewhere I have my old diary that I wrote in my teenager years and thought about typing out the entry of how I met my husband. Then decided that might be too much information for him as it was what I thought and felt about that day. 

Then again I thought about an entry I wrote about Christmas Day then decided that the 5th December was a little early for that (Christmas is going to be a little tough this year). 

I then thought about telling you why I celebrate Christmas (then decided I might scare of the readers!) 

So I decided I’d tell you about how I spent my Christmas’s as a teenager and some of my childhood.

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