Knit and Nattering – Episode 2: A Shawl, A Sock and A Blanket

I’m back for a second episode – who is this person? I start with a recap of the projects that I’ve been working on over the last two weeks. With the boys often needing my help, I had to try and fit the recording in where possible, so there’s often random background noise including Jaxon’s random singing/squeaking.

Finished Items

Two Barbie Blankets – Lucy‘s daughter bought a Barbie bunkbed with her pocket money but the Barbie’s didn’t have any bedding so I knitted a blanket, while I was part way through blanket 1, my Mum offered to do blanket 2. Blanket 1 is a simple stocking stitch rectangle and blanket 2 is a corner to corner crocheted blanket

In Progress

Stormy Open Back Sweater by Handknits and Hygge – pattern can be found here.
“Judit’s Shawl” actually called – Free and Easy Pie Wedged Shawl: Ravelry (I’ve only ever seen it on Ravelry… Sorry!)

Malt by Tin Can Knits:​

KALs or Similar

Lockdown Sockdown KAL info here.

Project Bags

Tea Cake + Make:


Trent and Allie (travel/tiny living) –

Kara and Nate (travel/tiny living) –

Hannah, The Corner of Craft:…

Megan, Dynamo Simply Living:…

Stashless 2020/2021 Anushka – The Crimson Stitchery:…​ You can find more information about Stashless 2020 (the inspiration for Stashless 2020) here: (Start of 2020) and (End of 2020) There is also further information in her Ravelry group here:…