Stashless 2021

With being at home, I’ve often ended up falling down rabbit holes of videos on YouTube. Sometimes they are really random and don’t come to anything and then other times they throw up some gems.

Last week, I happened to come across Anoushka’s channel The Crimson Stitchery while working my way through lots of vlogs on YouTube (Including The Corner of Craft, Trent and Allie and Dynamo Simple Living)

So last year, Anoushka did Stashless 2020. (More here: Start of 2020, End of 2020). After watching the video, it definitely seemed like my kind of thing to try and do. Here I am finally writing about this having started this post about two weeks ago after watching the video in question.

From Anoushka’s Ravelry Group (here), these are the rules of sorts:

You can interpret #stashless2021 as either:

a) aiming to become completely stashless, working through all of your existing materials. Or, 
b) put less into your stash, and work much more from what you already have.


  1. Write a post starting: I’m joining #stashless2021 because….
  2. Go through your craft materials, including existing works-in-progress
  3. Give yourself personal monthly and yearly targets
  4. Know that this process will look and feel different to everyone.
  5. This is a judgement-free zone. Let’s keep encouraging and motivating each other along.
  6. This is not the confession booth. No guilt trips, please. If you fail, quit, mess up, or change your mind, don’t apologise. But do think carefully and deeply about why that might have been, and how things may have changed.
  7. Join in on Instagram, Youtube and Ravelry with #stashless2020 and #TheCrimsonStitchery. Tag Anushka @asourtelling
  8. Feel free to add your projects to the group

Hi there!! I’m Hannah.

I’m joining #stashless2021 because…. My yarn is taking over and it’s possible we’re moving house. We’ve been in our current house for 13ish years and now we’re a family of 4 (well temporarily 3 but that’s a longer story!) in a 2 bedroom house, we could really do firstly with the storage space and then secondly, if we’re going to move house it would be helpful to have less stuff to move when we do go.

I alternate from knitting to crochet regularly but have found that my skills are definitely more in the knitting realm (so to speak!). I’m trying to vlog/podcast more so talking about my latest projects and finished items will hopefully help me to record better what I make, purchase, receive as gifts etc along the way.

So far I’ve written in my bullet journal:

  1. Where possible avoid purchases: I have a voucher to spend before the summer so that’s allowed, when I do purchase try to stick to my LYS rather than online. When I do purchase make sure it’s for specific projects and not just because I like something and can’t resist. New yarn can be received by gift/destash.
  2. Patterns; attempt to use what patterns I have already. When purchases are needed attempt to support indie creators.

So that’s where I’m up to although I’m sure more ideas will come along the way too.