knitting, crochet and yarn, oh my!

A couple of Christmases ago, I helped my sister in law start working on tidying her room. It was in a bad state as something needed to be done about it.

Anyway for one reason or another its at the point where more help is needed so Chris has been popping over one morning a fortnight or so to try and make some head way with her room.

When I helped before there was a t-shirt that my SIL couldn’t part with but really it was too small to wear. I came up with a plan and with some calico I made a bag of sorts – she had the main logo from the shirt and could still use it in a different repurposed way.

Chris had been over to her house on Monday and when he arrived home he handed me a pair of well loved trousers.


She’d asked “Can you take these trousers to Hannah and see it she can make them into a bag?”

Erm yeah maybe I can. I started with guessing how much leg I’d need – also because they are combats and have a crazy number of pockets a big question from Chris was about how many pockets I could fit in the trouser bag. I spent about an hour sat in the middle of the living room floor unpicking and tacking by hand a rough idea to get started. In some bits I think the sewing is going to be a feature. I’ll keep you posted.

Yesterday the baby blanket went in the mail and should be reaching it’s destination in a couple of hours. Part of me was excited another part was nervous and a third part was sad. I’d created this blanket that I’m now giving away – okay that was the whole purpose of a commissioned piece but at the same time it’s still sad lol.

(Photos to follow – I don’t want to show the world before the new owner has seen it!)

On the other hand, yesterday evening was the first meeting of the new knitting club set up by Judit from Monster Yarns. We were all meeting at Pensieri in Castle Road (it’s pretty much what used to be Ram Yard Car Park except its now The Castle Quay or something like that).

Mum and I found a table in the corner and got on with our bits and pieces. Most people were knitting and we did have our knitting with us but my current crochet project was our order of business for the evening. We got out all the squares and roughy pieces them together to get an idea of what we have. While we are sat there two ladies from the table next to us asked for quick lessons so we cleared the table and taught for a little while. We then went back to the crochet project.

It was a lovely evening and Judit from Monster Yarns and the lovely lady from Pensieri were so welcoming. Mum and Judit talked lots about patterns and projects. Mum is currently on a cardigan which looks amazing! (Wondering if she can knit me a jumper that resembles a Sarah Lund one – erm do you watch The Killing aka Forbrydelsen?)

We sat and chatted and crocheted lots. My mum bumped into an old friend who updated us as to what her son is up to (he’s the same age as me). He’s now a doctor of psychology and lecturer or something like that.

We headed back to Mum’s after and I watched the remainder of the episode of Bones I’d started before going out.


  1. Kelly Murray (@Kelz88uk88) says:

    I think those trousers will make a fab bag… Post a picture when you’ve finished it please.

    • Hannah says:

      Hey! The trousers have got lots of pockets on them so there should be all sorts of storage space too. Can’t wait.

      Will post a picture when I’m done 🙂

    • Hannah says:

      Looks really interesting. I’m not sure I could do it thought. I can just about knit and purl without tying myself in knots but changing colour for one or two stitches scares me a bit lol. More practice needed probably.

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