sixtysix: how do i ever form full thoughts…

Ever have those thoughts that if dwelt on enough they might multiple into fully fledged posts but you’re not really sure where to go with them – I think that’s my case and so hence this post – they are like bite size little chunks of wondering.



Even between a bunch of things happening including the new knitting club and a meeting for the HowMad performance I managed to fit in catching up on reading some blogs. I have the worst habit of sometimes skim reading the post to try and take it and process it. Except sometimes that means that I miss the point or I focus on one point but not the rest of the blog.

Do you get comments that either don’t properly relate to your post, or relate a tiny bit but then go off on a tangent?

I try to be glad either way because it’s a comment from somewhere outside of my family!

I get it’s nice to have proper edited and created pictures and things like that but is your life really that perfect? What happens on your bad day? Do you put on a cheesy smile and hope no one will notice that the laundry has exploded over the kitchen/utility room floor or the sink won’t drain because of the number of plates stacked in it. Then again I throw on my jeans again because it’s too much effort to plan an outfit (probably explains *certain* things).

Some blogs don’t seem genuine – I’m not going to point a finger at specific ones as that would be mean but wanted to put that thought out there – what do you think? Are some blogs out there a bit disingenuous?

Yesterday evening it was parents evening, we’re off to see various subject teachers about different things. I think Our Sidekick said there were four appointments – that’s about 4 less than expected but it’ll work – who knows some teacher might have spare appointments or something. I’ve got the feeling that they are selected teachers (like picking the ones that you know have good things to say about you!)


Our Sidekick and me were hanging out and we tried to learn the cup song that Anna Kendrick sings at her audition in Pitch Perfect (me and JD love this film!)


    • Hannah says:

      I had a comment that had been filed as spam and I deleted it by mistake – I was so annoyed at myself! Can’t waste good comments like that!

      I liked it too. I could have sat down and polished each idea into something bigger but sometimes a brain dump is good!

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