#Lakes2011: Day Six

I haven’t been blogging this week as the signal has been patchy and any computer time has been used to try and get some #nanowrimo done. (I’m 6.5k behind at the moment this goes up to about 8k tomorrow ouch!)

I’m going to write about everything I’ve been doing when I get home but this needed to be shared.

On our arrival at the Youth Hostel this afternoon we were given warning that a group was staying for the weekend as well. We were given the warning of we could either avoid or join in.

We went out for dinner and when we got back they were here. It was a youth group or school group but we weren’t entirely sure. However something was going to confirm where the group was from.

They’d been in a session after dinner and then the young people reappeared. There were various groups but two teen girls came out and they made the biggest impact on me. I could see they were carrying a bible and looking very nervous so while knitting I said a quick prayer for them.

A group of about 6 adults aged probably around 40/50/60 were say around one of the coffee tables chatting and this group of girls went to talk to this group of adults.

The girls opened the bible and started reading verses they were a little nervous and unprepared but did such a fab job that my little heart jumped for joy!

Something in me decided that I needed to stand with them. So I did. I walked over and stood with the girls and said I’ve got one for you. I flicked through the bible and found Zephaniah 3:17 that Suzie gave me a while back it says:

The Lord your God wins victory after victory
and is always with you.
He celebrates and sings
because of you,
and he will refresh your life
with his love.” (Zephaniah 3:17 CEV)

It was encouraging but I also wanted to share Esther 4:4 so I flicked through the bible and found it.

If you don’t speak up now, we will somehow get help, but you and your family will be killed. It could be that you were made queen for a time like this!” (Esther 4:14 CEV)

One of the girls said “we should have come to you instead!” I said “its okay you’re doing a fab job”

When the girls left the adults in this group starting complaining about how it was inappropriate and all this sort of thing. I got so wound up that I actually went out to the car and then up to mg dorm because I wanted to yell at them.

The adults seemed to be the kind that would complain about hoodies rioting or beating up grannies but these young people are here on a weekend away with their youth group learning about God. Now I might be biased as an ex-youth group attendee/youth leader but I’d rather get in trouble for sharing Gods love than something mean like beating up a granny anyday!

I know they wouldn’t be able to read it but I posted on my FB when I got out the shower and had phone charge the following:

To the two teen girls who stood up in the TV room at the YHA this evening and read bible verses to some people there. You rock my socks!! Ignore those grumpy people who put you down and criticised you. You did amazing!! Don’t give up. Big huge and hi fives from Your Big Sister in Christ

I know it might make little to no difference but if they do see it – they made a difference to my evening and made me feel love even if the grumpies didn’t hear it. There was a joke about reading verses over people at breakfast. Well if they do I’ll be there with them.

Chris later told me it was a dare game but I don’t care. They rocked dare or no dare!!


  1. Ian Braisby says:

    Have to disagree Hannah, I respect everyone’s right to follow their religion and attending a youth group weekend is certainly better than many things young kids could be up to in their spare time. But the fact remains that most people do not appreciate having others’ religious views imposed on them while they are trying to relax. And that I totally agree with. It is out of order wandering up to people and preaching at them, no matter how sincere and positive the motivation. And this is not me having a go at Christian people – the same applies to political views, or people campaigning on any issue. I would be equally against that too if anyone wanted to impose it on others without being invited.

    • Hannie says:

      Hey Ian

      I think I do agree with you to a certain point. When I wrote this last night I was probably over reacting and wanted someone to be annoyed with me.

      Had it been someone lecturing me about their faith I’d have probably reacted similarly but hopefully I would have been polite but firm. The people who were in the TV room had already told me and Chris to turn the TV down (it was barely audible anyway over their talking but that’s a different discussion)

      I think if they’d just been a bit more politer (is that a word?) and just said “please go away we’re not interested” I might not have got in such a bunch but it was just how rude they were to the two girls and then how much they complained about it when the girls left.

      They weren’t really preaching it was literally reading a verse and moving on. It wasn’t like they were on their soapbox yelling at the top of their lungs about how the grumpies are all going to hell in a fast car and there isn’t anything they can do about it kind of thing. Ultimately it was a dare as part of a game the youth group were playing yesterday evening and I think it was just feelings hurt rather than actually anything physical (which it could have been knowing youth group games lol)

      I’m sorry if my late night rantings caused you offence Ian, none was intended.

    • Ian Braisby says:

      No offence caused to me Hannah, no need to worry about that. For various upbringing reasons (you’re not my therapist so won’t bore you with that) I have a strong aversion to anyone giving any kind of views / opinions / beliefs unsolicited, that’s all.

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