#Lakes2011: Day Five

Day 5 – Thursday
Back at the beginning of November, Me and CJ had a proper holiday together rather than a few days here and a few days there that tends to happen because we can’t really afford any more than that or because we don’t physically have the time between everything we seem to do. Well I took lots of pictures and so they are going to be broken down into each day or you can find me on Instagram or Flickr where a lot of them have been uploaded to.

Today we had a bit of a late start. Following breakfast we headed up to Wast Water – Mrs G had been telling us all week how it was her favourite of all the local lakes. I can see why – I was in the car and didn’t really get the whole feeling of the place then got out the car and it just hit me how amazing the view was. The side of the mountain comes right down to the water level (and continues down into the water at the same incline). I’m not sure exactly which one it was but I’m told that Sca Fell and Scafell Pike are somewhere near to Wast Water.

This was at Wast water this morning.

CJ was being all adventurous so we followed the road as far as we could along the edge of the lake. Towards the end of the lake there is a really tiny village (We’re talking like 4 houses and a pub) and then the road runs out – so we turned round and come back the other way – it meant that I got more photos.

We headed up to Honsiter Pass again as CJ wanted to go on the Slate Mine Tour, by the time we got up there it was almost lunchtime so we sat in the car park eating our pack lunch. We watched one of the 4x4s head up the side of the mountain to the top where there is the opening to the slate mine.

We headed inside to get our tickets for the tour – it was about 1:50 and the tour was at 2 – which was good timing as the next would have been at 3:30/4:30 if they had enough people to run it. In the ten minutes, I had enough time to run back to the car and rearrange my hand bag – I decided I’d be better with what I needed in my pockets and leave my handbag in the car so that if I did trip I had both hands free to try and catch myself (Yep I am that clumsy!) also made sure that I had my inhalers with me – I wasn’t sure if I’d need them but it’s better that I have them, than need them and then they be in the car.

I then made it back to the meeting point and pottered round the shop before the tour guide chap arrived back to collect the next group. There was me and CJ, a family from Poland and a Scottish chap who was there on his own.

We had a health and safety talk about our helmets and making sure that we keep them on the whole time we’re in the mine – I kept mine on from leaving the meeting point until we got back there whereas most of our group had taken it off before then!

I was appointed as “whippet” or “whippel” to be at the back of the group – this was easier said that done as the Scottish chap kept trying to walk at the back and I had to keep encouraging him to walk a bit faster.

We were allowed to bring two pieces of slate down with us when we  left – my two pieces are not much bigger than mug coasters but they are nice souvenirs. Walking through the mine was amazing and so interesting – we had a history/geology lesson on the way round which I really enjoyed – not sure about anyone else though – I think the Polish family were a bit muddled sometimes and weren’t necessarily keeping up with the English humour.

CJ decided that I should drive us back – which was easier said that done – at one point I was singing Lego House to try and not freak out because the radio had lost signal and it was way too quiet with no music (why I didn’t put on a CD I’m not sure but there you go!)

Following our trip up into the mountains (of sorts) we headed into Keswick – firstly to find the post office so that I could mail some pen pal letters – I decided it would be really cool if I could collect different post marks where possible. The last lot were from Cornwall.

We got home and it was spaghetti bolognese for tea – my favourite! And then for pudding we had bread and butter pudding! Double Yum!!

I sat in the living room with Mr G after dinner watching TV (Rev and Horizon) and knitting while CJ had gone upstairs to help Mrs G to fix her computer.

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