Our Adventure to The Lake District: Day Four

Day 4 – Wednesday

Back at the beginning of November, Chris and I had a proper holiday in The Lake District. We stayed with our friend’s family and were made to feel very welcome. Often us going on holiday is a long way down the list after other things are taken care of so it gets put off a lot! I’ve always wanted to visit The Lake District so loved this opportunity. Well, I took lots of pictures and so they are going to be broken down into each day or you can find me on Instagram where a lot of them have been uploaded to.

Today was my choice and we headed off to the Beatrix Potter Museum at Bowness on Windermere. Rather than going the most direct route, we took a scenic route and then got the ferry from Cunsey to Ferry Nab and then drove to the museum.

I wasn’t sure whether we could get out of the car and by the time CJ and I decided we could we were pretty much at the far shore and there was no point getting out – so this was the photo I got from the ferry.



Between me and CJ we probably took like 50 pictures (if not more) in the museum. So if you click on this picture of the Centenary Clock to see my other pictures from the Beatrix Potter Museum, rather than me posting lots and you all getting really bored!

The Centenary Clock at The World of Beatrix Potter Attraction

After the Beatrix Museum, it was time for lunch. We’d been given our pack up by Mr G and sat in the car park to eat it. CJ had to make a phone call so I say watching the cars go by and counting random things like bricks in the wall opposite. At one point a minibus drove past and stopped just along the road from the car park. A bunch of about 4 or 5 girls then ran past our car shouting at the driver of the minibus. I think they’d been taking their time as so the driver drove a little way up the road as a threat lol.

Before we left Bowness, I bought a Christmas present – so that’s another to tick off the list. We continued up to Kendal – I had meant to buy some mint cake while I was there but it was only when we were back home that I had realised that I’d forgotten. While in Kendal we found a knitting shop and I bought some more wool for a project I’m working on and some wool that I think would make an awesome scarf (but I might try and make something a little more complicated!). The wool shop was interesting – I couldn’t find what I was looking for because there was pretty much a mound of wool against the racking one side of the store and I had to ask for help rather than look for what I needed (Well CJ asked lol). On the way back home we popped into Booths (which to us was like Waitrose.) CJ said you know you’re in a posh supermarket when the coffee shop is called a tea room instead. We stood in the wine aisle trying to decide what bottle to get as a thank you. Me and CJ don’t drink wine that often so had no idea what was a good wine and what wasn’t. Wednesday was midweek roast day so we had lamb with roast potatoes etc.

Following dinner we watched Who Wants To Be A Millionaire (again shouting the answers at the television) we then watched Frozen Planet – clearly I’ve been missing a good programme and might get it for CJ as he really liked Planet Earth.

That was Wednesday and I’ll be back soon with the rest of our adventures.

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