#Lakes2011: Day Two

Day 2 – Monday
Back at the beginning of November, Me and CJ had a proper holiday together rather than a few days here and a few days there that tends to happen because we can’t really afford any more than that or because we don’t physically have the time between everything we seem to do. Well I took lots of pictures and so they are going to be broken down into each day or you can find me on Instagram or Flickr where a lot of them have been uploaded to.

We grabbed breakfast at the hotel we were staying at before heading up to Ulverston. CJ decided that we’d have a proper breakfast  as there was a proper cafe/restaurant rather than the normal Travelodge breakfast pack you get. I had toast with nutella on it, sausage, eggs and bacon, then a croissant – I think CJ wanted to get his moneys worth lol.

We headed up to Ulveston pretty much straight after, CJ got me to drive – which was fair given he drove most of the way upto Oldham in the first place. We arrived just before lunch and got introduced to Mr and Mrs G who we were staying with for the week. We were shown where we were sleeping and sat and chatted in the living room while lunch was being got ready. Mr G had made beans on toast with an omelette thing on the side – it was yummy. Mr G had a guide book that he showed us – me and Chris had a flick through and had a look places to visit and started on something like a plan.

This beats work

More fab views

Following lunch we went for a drive up the East Shore of Coniston then onto Tarn Haws. We went for a walk around Tarn Haws which was nice and we took a lot of pictures – including some silly ones along the way. This took up a chunk of the afternoon and we headed back to the house and I had a nap – It was actually a bit of accidental nap,  I was really tired even though we’d hardly done anything (I think it was carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders for a few weeks and now I could chill out and relax).

Dinner was beef stew with mash and brussels – well I handed my brussels over to CJ, somethings I can be polite about but brussels – I really can’t stand them! We spent the evening with Mr and Mrs G, we watched University Challenge (yes I did shout the answers at the TV and I got some right which was a miracle of sorts) and an episode of Panorama discussing energy bills and the cost of energy (It was kind of interesting especially as if we had the money and our house faced the right direction we’d like to look into photovoltaic panels for the roof.)

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