Our Adventure to The Lake District: Day Three

Day 3 – Tuesday

Back at the beginning of November, Chris and I had a proper holiday in The Lake District. We stayed with our friend’s family and were made to feel very welcome. Often us going on holiday is a long way down the list after other things are taken care of so it gets put off a lot! I’ve always wanted to visit The Lake District so loved this opportunity. Well, I took lots of pictures and so they are going to be broken down into each day or you can find me on Instagram where a lot of them have been uploaded to.

We started the day with breakfast. I don’t really eat breakfast but I tend to on holiday. I think it’s because we either have lunch later or use lots of energy exploring! Today was Shreddies – my favourites!

We were despatched with a packed lunch made by Mr G. I think we were spoiled – ham sandwiches, boiled egg, crisps and two chocolate chip cookies each.

Mr G lent us a map with a route highlighted on it – it was going to take us a fair chunk of the day but it would be good fun. I tried to recreate it on Google Maps but it keeps trying to take me the wrong way and all that kind of thing.

Amazing view near Thirlmere

Windermere this time.

We got as far as Keswick and went for a wander around the town. While we were there, we bought a postcard to send to Our Sidekick who was staying with my parents for the week. I addressed it to be delivered to their house just in case it would arrive before we got home. We thought he’d find it funny that he received post at their house! Following lunch, we carried on to Derwentwater and followed the road right up to Honister Pass where we drove past the Honister Slate Mine – CJ had seen it in the guide book and was interested in going but we decided that we’d go later in the week when the weather was forecasted to be wet as it’s all inside pretty much.

We had a detour to Whitehaven for some petrol and saw the harbour and the seaside – CJ joked about me going for a paddle in the North Sea – I gratefully declined saying that it was far too cold even for me to paddle. (You see I have a rule “At the seaside, you have to paddle at least once” and it has been done for example at Portcurno in September)

We wanted to follow the rest of Mr G’s route but it was getting dark and we wouldn’t have been able to see some of the sights that we really wanted to see so we came back along the main road, We did have a bit of a detour and saw Gosforth and Burnt Oak as CJ decided that he wanted to detour from the main road and back onto a bit of Mr G’s route.

We were back in time for dinner again, we had Tartiflette for te. It’s like an omelette although the name would imply that it was a tart or quiche. After dinner, we were invited by Mr and Mrs G to go to a community group. They have a guest speaker each month so it was like the WI but open to everyone I think. This time was a man talking about Mongolia and bread making. It was quite interesting and we got introduced to lots of people too.

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