Let Your Blog Shine: 10 Songs I Will Listen To

LYBS March Blog Prompts

Over on Facebook I’m part of a blogging group. On the Wednesdays of each month we have a group prompt that we’re all going to answer. This weeks’ prompt is…

10 Songs I Will Listen to the Rest of My Life…

I’m not quite sure how I made it down to ten songs as I’m pretty sure there are more than that on my currently playing playlist. So these are the current ones, this could change in a month or even six months let along the rest of my life!

  • Shout to The Lord – Darlene Zschech (iTunes//YouTube)
  • I Could Sing of Your Love Forever – Delirious? (iTunes//YouTube)
  • Yesterday, Today and Forever – Vicky Beeching (iTunes//YouTube)
  • Days of Elijah – Robin Mark (iTunes//YouTube) – the video linked is actually one of American Marines singing Days of Elijah in church (Even if you don’t click on any others you have to see this one!)

Those are probably my favourite four worship songs, whenever we have Days of Elijah at church now I do the actions from the video (I haven’t quite got confident enough to shout Oorah in the middle of church but I do fist pump the air).

  • Rather Be – Clean Bandit (iTunes//YouTube)
  • Hotel California – The Eagles (iTunes//YouTube) – it’s got to be the older live recordings rather than the newer ones – they aren’t the same!
  • The Chain – Fleetwood Mac (iTunes//YouTube) – the last section of this song used to be used for the Formula 1 Grand Prix coverage on the TV. (Just like the Top Gear theme came from a rock tune too – Jessica by The Allman Brothers Band)
  • Layla – Eric Clapton (iTunes//YouTube) – it’s all about that opening guitar riff and that piano ending. I used to be able to play the solo, I couldn’t play it at speed but I could play it at a recognisable tempo!
  • Mr Blue Sky – ELO (iTunes//YouTube)
  • Thinking Out Loud – Ed Sheeran (iTunes//YouTube) – he’s a talented guitarist and then he learnt to dance for this video! Rock on!


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