Dear Jaxon…8 Months

Dear Jaxon...

Dear Jaxon,

You’re now 8 months old. And don’t I know it…
You’ve turned into an extra wriggle bum, I put you on the floor on your blanket and then watch you go. Earlier you’d made your way across the room and you were lying with your feet up in the air. Now you’re back on the blanket but you’ve got yourself stuck – you just need to tuck in the bottom arm and then you can roll over.

It’s now a bit later and I took you upstairs for your nap – you weren’t so happy that I put you down but in the time it took me to walk from your bedroom, go to the loo and come back to the bedroom door you were asleep – I think you needed the nap more than you were letting on.

In the last month you’ve seen all four of your grandparents, two of your great grandparents and we’ve been to visit Auntie K and J as well as a brief visit from Uncle Richard and Auntie R.

We like our adventures even when it means that things change at last minute. Yesterday we were due to go to the Yummy Mummy group but when Daddy rang and asked if we’d like to go for lunch we changed our plans. After lunch we went to have coffee with Hazel and Mini Fairy, we ended up being early because of when Daddy needed to go back to work. I think you enjoyed playing on the big sofas but at one point you nearly fell off the sofa which made my heart jump into my throat! You’re going to be like your Daddy and explore a whole heap I bet!

Hopefully as the weather gets better we’ll be able to have more adventures, Daddy and I were talking about when we’re going to take you to the zoo or to the safari park for the first time. I keep saying maybe closer to when you’re 1 and you can experience it all. I think you’ll get really excited when you see the monkeys and the giraffes as you have toys of those.

Each day you seem to learn something new. Yesterday you rolled on to your front and pushed up on your arms, if you were doing yoga it would have been a Cobra pose. If you get your legs to work with it then you’d be in the right position to crawl.

Jaxon after Breakfast

Love you


Weight: You’re getting weighed today so I’ll be sure to come back with the update
Clothes: You’re still in 6-9 but your jogging bottoms are 9-12 – they are still a little long in the leg but
Nappies: Size 4
Feeds: You are still having milk during the night, morning and evenings, you sometimes have a little bit during the day but we are going to start you on solids at lunchtime too soon.
Teeth: Six still but I’m pretty sure the next ones are in there
Bedtime: You’re still going to bed around 9pm but we’re trying to move it a bit earlier because I think you sleep just that bit better if it’s just a little earlier. We’re also getting better at making you have proper naps during the day. Your first nap is around 11am but it’s moving closer to 10am now depending on what time you get up.
Likes: Thomas and Friends and Fireman Sam. Then again you pretty much watch whatever is on the television
Dislikes: You’re still not a fan of the lumps in the food but you’ll happily munch on biscotti or Rusks. I think it’s like how I don’t like lumps in my yoghurt but I’ll gobble down normal food with no problems.

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  1. sayhellonature says:

    These posts are so sweet! I love seeing how much he’s grown and I can hardly believe it’s been eight months!

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