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Yesterday was cut off for orders at work so I was a little bit short of things to do, following my post yesterday about how many posts I needed to do to hit 400 on New Years Eve my friend asked me how I planned to do it. I pointed out to him that I didn’t think I would be able to do it given the fact that I wanted to make posts at least a little worth while rather than just a few sentences about my lunch after all no one really wants to hear about what I ate for lunch! (This book is on my Christmas list btw and it’s written by the author of this blog).

So it’s now 10am and the next thing on my list of things to pretend to do is filing. YAY! Not! Really don’t like filing!

It’s now quarter to one and I’ve been home for lunch. While I was there I picked up the mail and found that my pen pal letter for the Penpals for Life swap on Swap-Bot had arrived. It was from Robert who goes by the nickname of Bobberdilly. He blogs and is an artist (apparently not well known but he decorates the envelopes that he sends his pen pal letters in – when I get chance I photograph today’s envelope.

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