Social Capital

So those of my readers out there who have ventured to CJ‘s blog will see that on this post he mentions Social Capital.

Now the slightly mad reason for that is that over the next four months we get invaded by the dreaded Dissertation – technically it’s already started but we’re not quite at the point where CJ feels the need to curl up in the fetal position and sleep for a week because he’s run out of ideas – then again that could have just been me – I took this position up under the dining room table – usually when people were out!

So apparently Social Capital is a concept in various different sectors that refers to the connections that you make with the people around you. There is also Physical capital which is like how a screwdriver can improve your work speed if it’s the tool you need for a job or Human Capital which is having an extra person help you push your car when it won’t start or something like that! 

Now it’s 15 minutes past midnight and I really must go other wise I will turn into a human pumpkin hybrid thing. 


Hannie Over and Out!

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  1. Kat at Tough Girl 101 says:

    I go into the fetal position in the closet. Total darkness. After awhile I actually cleared out a corner of my closet and put a few pillows in there.

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