March 12: Dear Blueberry – 24 Weeks


Dear Blueberry,

All those hormones that make a small human grow have been making me super tired and also made me grumpy and moody. All the info says by now I should feel more energetic but it’s not really happening. Mum (aka Grandma S) says that I need to tell the midwife in case I’m anaemic or something like that. You’ll learn as you grow up her and Dad (aka Grandpa) are both full of all sorts of wisdom and information. If you need help with History homework we’ll call Grandpa he’s a whizz! When it comes to sewing Grandma is your person to call.

24 Weeks

On Wednesday, we went to see the Midwife. You made your presence known by kicking the Doppler when she attempted to listen to your heart beat. It’s so amazing and such a miracle to think that 25 weeks ago you were just a bunch of cells that had multiplied and now you’re a fully formed human – some bits are still getting themselves in the right places and developing but you’re definitely there.

Baby you are wonderfully and fearfully made! God knows exactly the time at which you’ll arrive whether that’s early or late – while we make multiple plans for every eventuality!

On Sunday I was given a baby blanket by Grandma’s friend Maureen. It’s knitted and so soft. Can’t wait to wrap you up in it when you need to be warm and snuggly. Grandma had the Moses basket on her dining room table so we put the blanket in there to see what it looked like. I’m so excited little one. I can’t wait to meet you.

On Saturday, we’d watched the Six Nations rugby with Grandpa and Grandma. At one point you kicked really hard so I grabbed Grandma’s hand but then you stopped. The second time you kicked hard we managed to get her hand to my tummy in time, she felt you kick but you stopped again by the time Grandpa got there. There’s still 15 and a bit weeks I’m sure they will have plenty of opportunities to feel you kick. I’m guessing in the next 15 weeks I might get annoyed at it but I think it’s your way of saying hello.

24 Weeks
24 Weeks Take Two
I tried to take a bump picture this week but I think depending on the time of day, what I’ve eaten and the clothes I wear depends on how big you look.

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