March 13: Sleep Would Be Good…


In that way that those posts appear on Facebook like “10 Things to do while on a conference call” (if they can’t see you, crochet or knit!!) or “10 Things to do in your lunch break” (well other than eat of course!) I was about to call this post 10 Things to do while not sleeping. Why is it I spend most of the day feeling shattered and fight curling up for a nap under my desk or in my car during my lunch break (if like today I go from one thing to the next) then when it comes to bed I get a second wind and wake up again? Maybe it’s tied to being pregnant and will all make sense eventually. It probably doesn’t help that Blueberry seems to settle then around 11:30/12ish decides to crank up the kicking. Thankfully the novelty is still there and I’m often still awake even if I’m tired. Maybe I need to try some of that scented bubble bath that’s supposed to be relaxing and helps you to sleep. Anyone got any tips or suggestions?


    • Hannah says:

      I keep trying lol. Thank you for the comment. It would be a whole lot easier if you could collect up sleep like charging a battery and then use it bit by bit as needed. When you’re running low you change battery hehe. If only!!

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