Mind Your Teas and Thank You – Vremi Review/Giveaway

Tea is a staple in our house. It has always been as some days Chris would chain-drink his tea. Normally, Chris loves normal tea – although has been drinking more non-caffeinated tea. I’ve got a bit addicted to Green Tea with different flavours in it. My favourite has to the Strawberry and Vanilla by Taylors of Harrogate.   Across the summer, we seem to get through whole icebergs of ice cubes so when a review of the Vremi Ice Cube Trays came up it was a great idea for us.

Pinkies Up Whistling Tea Kettle

It was great to receive the Vremi Whistling Kettle to review. I’m pretty sure we had a whistling kettle in the caravan when we would go away on holiday. It was great – you could put the kettle on in the caravan then sit in the awning or just outside the caravan and get one with other things.

As a household kettle though, we’ve never needed a kettle that goes on the hob as we’ve always had an electric kettle. There’s someting very kitsch about a whistling hob kettle. So I got out the kettle and put enough water in it to make a cup of tea and had a play. Maybe I’m just used to the electric kettle but it seemed to take AGES to boil. However, the benefit of having the whistle was that I actually heard the kettle boil rather than missing the kettle switching off and having to go back and reboil it again before making a drink.

I think for us it would be most handy as a kettle to take with us camping. The current one we have is fine for the odd cuppa but if we need more water than two mugs worth then it has to be boiled again whereas this one would work a lot better.

Pinkies Up Whistling Tea Kettle

Straight Chillin’ Ice Cube Trays

These are straightforward genius! The Vremi Straight Chillin’ Ice Cube Trays are crafted from premium food-grade silicone and come with lids for stackable convenience. Each set comes with two trays which means you’re not limited to just freezing water. You can try all sorts of things. I think when Jaxon was first trying solids they would have been handy for freezing baby-sized portions. Might have to try freezing juice or something like that and making flavoured ice cubes. (If we were the kind of people to celebrate Halloween it might be worth trying to freeze toy spiders in jelly or something like that! Then again that might be funny anyway to see Jaxon’s reaction!)

Jaxon assisted me with filling the first tray. When it came to taking the cubes out, He got very excited that he could pop them himself. The problem we then had was the storage of the cubes I made.


Straight Chillin' Ice Cube TraysStraight Chillin' Ice Cube Trays

All in all, they were are much easier to use that the plastic tray we currently use. With some reshuffling in our freezer, I’ll be using both trays. Possibly one with flavoured ice cubes instead of just water.

You can enter to win a Whistling Kettle and a set of two ice cubes trays by using the widget below.

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The products were provided for review via review.directory and Vremi