Mobile Telephonic Devices and Life

At the moment I am coaxing my Mum’s computer to work while I write this post.

I was trying to work out how to print one single category on her computer rather than the whole lot. (Apparently it can be done I’m just trying to download a Add-in for Windows 2003. It’s not as easy as it sounds lol.)

Anyway so today was good. I got up and went into town. Felt like a bit of a personal shopper as My Dad wants a new mobile phone but can’t decide what he wants.

He found the new N97 and I think he liked it but on the contract he wants to go for I doubt he’ll get it without paying extra pennies on top of the contract cost. I like the phone too maybe me and Dad will be matching lol. I have given up on my iPhone for the time being and purchased a second hand handset from CEX so that I am less distracted by the fab apps on my iPhone when I should be working.

Then saying that, Dad is struggling to make up his mind when it comes to what he wants to be able to do on his phone. Does he want a camera? Does he want an MP3 player then again does he want a QWERTY keyboard or just a 1-2-3 like his existing phone. Talk about complicated. All I know is that at the end of my contract as much as I love my iPhone I am very very tempted to return to a Samsung or a Nokia. The apps are great but the distraction isn’t if I needed all the bits for my job i think it would be different but for now I know who gets my vote lol.

So anyway I went to the different networks to pick up catalogues. I point out to the guy in T-Mobile what kinda phone my Dad would like and he points me at the T1 (aka Google Phone) hate to point this out but I doubt my Dad would like it. He wants something he can stick in his pocket and ignore till it rings I think.

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