The Weekend

I had the best weekend! It was soooo good!!

I had a lovely surprise from my friends.

It turned out that it’s cheaper for my friend to get a car trip to Bedford and then get the train from here to the Arsenal football ground rather than get the train from Nottingham to Arsenal.

So Kewey used this to her advantage, with a bit of help from CJ she organised to surprise me on Sunday.

She’d also organised that Shopaholic and LB would meet us as well.

I was hanging out in Crèche with Essie while Mrs W grabbed a drink, I noticed someone had come in the room but thought it was Mrs W coming back.

Kewey then said Hello and I looked up and it just kinda floored me because I didn’t expect to see her. As far as I knew she was like an hour and a half away in Nottinghamshire.

Then it dawned on me that she was here, in the crèche at church to see me!!! That was just the beginning of the madness.

We hung out at church for a little while, we were mainly catching up with people as we normally do with the added extra that Kewey was catching up with people. At about 12:30pm, we realised that we needed to sort some lunch so decided that we’d go into town and grab some food.

We then dashed back to the car trying avoid the rain drops as it was pelting it do Shopaholic wn. Luckily we walked along the road in front of the Corn Exchange and there is like 5 bus stops so we kinda jumped from one to the next and as we got to the last one it kinda stopped again. My SIL called me to tell me where she was and I kinda slowed down while I was walking, so Mr LB stood behind me and grabbed my shoulders and pushed me along so that I was walking faster (At one point somehow I was running)

We headed for the house viewing and waiting outside. It was still kinda raining so me, LB, and Kewey waited under the porch, Shopaholic tried to look through the letterbox but the bit I wanted to show to her. It was funny because she was doing the bits I was doing like where do put fairy lights (they are so going across the “hall way roof”.

I think we upset the Estate Agent as there was a total of 11 people looking round this house. Even without the girlies and Mr LB there was going to be seven of us – which is still alot!

I stood at the bottom of the stairs and split everyone up so that we weren’t all trying to look in one room at the same time.

I ended up looking round with Mr LB as everyone else vanished – then again I think it was my fault for sending everyone off but not having a group to go with myself!

Shopaholic said that she’d rent the bathroom because it was so cool! We are considering a lodger but you can have a proper room! lol

After the viewing we stood on the pavement outside and chatted for like 15 minutes about the house and the good bits and stuff like that.

After that we headed back into town for a little while then went to Danish Camp with our friends from church.

We then went to hang out at the church as our flat could have really done with a tidy up.

I loved this weekend and I feel so blessed to know that my friends would come and surprise me like that and just hang out and stuff. In our friendship group minus partners there are four of us, so we make the effort to be at each others birthdays.

My birthday isn’t till April but I am so blessed. I know that we were seeing each other but they came to Bedford to see me too. I am blessed and my friends rock!!


  1. Robert Joy says:

    I can relate to this entry, because I have a story about the Arsenal Ball field. When my daughter Lisa, My wife Marcella and I visited your country a couple of years ago; we were invited to the home of a person living in Arsenal. We arrived at the underground station. The tunnel had a strange dividing fence down it. We didn’t know what it was for. When we finally got outside we noticed allot of activity and the police officer explained the ball game was about to get out. 34,000 people were about to descend on us.
    There we were waiting for our friend and were caught in a stampede of people trying to get home at the same time. The street was full of police on horse back and everyone was trying to get down the tunnel to the subway. Our friend finally found us. They had forgotten about the game. That is why I will remember our trip to the Arsenal station. Maybe you were in that crowd and we brushed past one another?
    Your old guy friend in Kansas
    Robert Joy

    • God's Rock Angel says:

      Hey Robert

      Thanks for the comment. I’ve never actually been to a football match. I’ve been to a rugby match but not a football match.

      Han 🙂

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