sixtynine: mother’s day

Today is Mother’s Day here in the UK (why is it on a different day in the US for example?). A friend of mine is celebrating her first Mother’s Day and she’s super excited about it.

Mum and Me at Race For Life

I sorted presents and a card for my Mum early last week so I was all organised (Especially as I’ll have three mums to organise for this year). But before that I had lunch with my friend B, we were talking about whether anything would happen at church for Mother’s Day (aka Mothering Sunday), in the past there’s been a tub of Celebrations or something similar handed out by the kids to all the ladies in the church whether they are mums or not.

In this particular conversation it diverted to how it can be difficult and rally hard for those ladies who aren’t mothers for whatever reason when Mother’s Day comes around. It can also be difficult for sons and daughters who have lost their mothers (or in my case a Granddaughter who lost her Grandma).

Creating something fab. Hanging with my Mum.

Then I got to think about it yesterday afternoon while working on the blanket for Chris’s Auntie’s housemate with my Mum. What about foster mothers? Okay so in some cases (like mine) they didn’t do the biological mum bit first so does that make them/me any less of a mother?

Then I got thinking back to those ladies who aren’t mothers. Within my friendship group there are mothers with one child, mothered with two or more children but there are also ladies who aren’t mothers but these have all influences and inspired me and cared for me on some occasions like my mum would for me. There are some of these ladies that I’m closer to and refer to as my “second mothers”. So what can I do to celebrate the amazing inspiring women that they are on a day that is angled at mothers. Well that’s the big thought ticking round my brain…..

How do you celebrate Mother’s Day? How are you celebrating with your mother or your children?

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