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Joining with Sar from [Life of Love] and Syndal from Synfully Delicious.

This Weekend I… spent Saturday afternoon with my Mum – pretty much unplanned. I’ve been working on a blanket and needed Mum’s help as its not a regular pattern like the baby blanket I made (pictures to follow tomorrow in fact!). We managed to get the square to fit together and I crocheted small squares to fill in gaps while Mum started to see the squares together. By the end of the afternoon we had a blanket and I just had to go home and finish it off. While crocheting away we had Unforgettable playing on the DVD player. It was one of Mum’s presents.

Coming up with a plan

This Weekend I…. watched far too much Drop Dead Diva – I’m about three quarters through Season 4 which means I’m about to run out of episodes to watch – I don’t think we get the right channel to receive it on our TV so I might have to wait until Netflix add Season 5 after transmission. Next is either the rest of Numb3rs, The Killing or starting at the very beginning of Downton Abbey.

This Weekend I…. watched the season finale of Call The Midwife – and cried lots! And shouted at the iPad too! The two storylines that have had me shouting at the TV have been the Vicar and Jane and the Doctor and Sister Bernadette. I imagine that this would be me, Cat and My Mum in a crisis – we’d be crocheting or knitting away to pass the worry in a productive way. (Screenshot from BBC iPlayer on iPad).

Call The Midwife - knitting and crochet

This Weekend I… well we celebrated Foster Mother’s Day in our own way. It didn’t go quite right to start with but I was presented with a gorgeous picture of a rose that Our Sidekick drew for me, then this evening me and Our Sidekick played “The Fancy Pants Game” or something like that on the Xbox. I beat him twice or something like that. We then had family date night and played a card game called In A Pickle.

In A Pickle


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