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So SATC2 takes us back into the lives of Carrie, Charlotte, Sam and Miranda, it’s two years on from the end of SATC1. Carrie and Mr Big are like a proper married couple and have an apartment on Fifth Avenue which is there own. Carrie refers to it as being more realistically theirs (or at least in words to that affect). Miranda is still a lawyer  and a partner in the firm that she works for. However she’s really beginning to hate it – her boss has this thing against women and I guess specifically Miranda (especially when he takes one of her cases off her and gives it to one of the male partners – that was the final straw!) and still lives in Brooklyn with Steve and Brady. Brady is now in the Second Grade and she has to face the question of career vs seeing her son’s achievements. Charlotte is now a Mum of two gorgeous little girls. The eldest is now 4 ish and her second – who was a new arrival at the end of SATC1 – is now going through the terrible twos and giving her a headache. Sam is just being Sam lol. Other than the time frame moving on – the characters are the same.

Apart from an introduction to how Carrie ended up in New York and meeting the girls and what they’ve been up to at the beginning and an “epilogue” as such at the end most of the action takes place in the United Arab Emirates, specifically in Abu Dhabi.

The introduction includes some clever camera editing to flick from present day to past events as Carrie explains how she met the girls.

Her and Big’s relationship throughout the film poses the question of what happens after the “I Do”? SATC1 lead up to the will they/won’t they of getting married and SATC2 tried to carry that on – now I think it did work but others reviews that I’ve read don’t think that it did it justice. You have Carrie and Big questioning how they can spend time together and things like that but still be themselves – and who are they now that they are married and Charlotte is also kind of in on this as she questions whether she should see the Nanny as a threat to her and Harry’s marriage.

All in all I enjoyed it – it was funny and made me laugh, and it was sad too. Admittedly it wasn’t as sad as SATC1 but I definitely did a “oh no don’t make that happen here” moment. My main objection would have been how little respect there was for the cultures in Abu Dhabi – as much as it made it funny how uptight people were, that is there culture and surely you should respect that. Having been to Turkey and known how funny some people got about the clothes that girls wore around the markets and at the tourist sites – I knew that they were going to have to respect the local customs. By having Sam Having had sections of the TV show and the first film where the conversation is mainly about shoes (especially very expensive Manolo Blahniks) it’s quite funny to then see her by a pair of shoes from a market seller in the souk (an open air arabian market) for $20.

Alot of reviews that I’ve read has put this film in a bad light but I think you have to remember there are few TV shows that make the transition to the big screen and survive especially for a sequel (and then don’t start me on how sequels don’t live up to the prequel)

I kept noticing continuity errors which really annoyed my friend who I was sat with. Just look out for Sam’s nails in one of the shots – what is going on there?!

My question is, apart from the fact that the clothes might not fit me – could I play dress up in Carrie’s Wardrobe – some of her outfits are fab – others were a little off the wall and not really my cup of tea!


  1. Rickie says:

    Thank you for this!

    I think it is hard to keep going with an old story. It was meant to be about single 30 somethings and it’s hardly the same when three of them are married! Also they don’t seem to know whether to make it a drama or leave it as comedy – at least you found the jokes funny – which indeed was the whole point of the series, surely?

    As far as disrespect of other cultures – welcome to America!!!

    Despite this film not having a story – it seems more like a 20 minute episode – the girls just don’t want to let the story go so the movies will come as long as it sells out in cinemas.

    • Hannie says:

      I’ve heard that they are looking at part 3 and it’ll be almost a prequel to the TV show – so Carrie will be in her teens/twenties. Is that taking it too far? On the other hand would it be possible for them to go back to a TV Series or has HBO moved on?

      SATC1 was comedy but then had the whole will they/won’t they that gave it the just enough drama to not be so funny (does that make sense?!?)

      It does kinda have a story but a lot of it was like being a fly on the wall in their holiday more than anything.

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