To Makeover or Not Makeover?

While I write this post, I’m watching The Devil Wears Prada. I am pretty sure I definitely fall into the pre-makeover look than the post-makeover. I guess I wish I could dress like the post-makeover Andrea. Although between not feeling like I have the figure to carry it off along with the comments I would receive, I’d probably rather stick to how I normally dress. But on the other hand, if I made the effort going out to customers and things like that might be more of a possibility. There is a pair of heels in my cupboard but I don’t think that they really fit that well – I guess if I wear them to the office I can always kick them off while I’m sat at my desk. Then again would then have to put them back on again to walk over to the photocopier or to the meeting room.

Andrea Sachs

I’ll talk to Caz about makeup lol. My regime is eyeliner and mascara – if I have time and can be bothered lol. If it wasn’t for the fact that I have plans on Saturday I could go wander around the shops in MK and pretend to have the money for a whole new wardrobe (then again Polyvore means I can dream right?)

Other looks I like……(argh! I can’t find any and it’s bedtime and I’m running out of Mac charge lol)


  1. Rickie says:

    So that’s why you were looking for the photo!
    I think, like most of us, you need to find a look that’s for you and I always say you can get away with anything if you accessorise with a smile!

    Instead of a radical change, do it gradually over months.
    Try wearing really long skirts instead of short ones. Dark will be better. Even in the summer (espec this year of the ‘maxi’) you can wear cotton, pattened ones. (Small pattern works best, plain is more slimming)
    Come the winter, you can work towards shorter skirts with thick dark tights and maybe high boots
    Instead of spike heels, wear 2″ wedges, then work way towards thick heels.
    Where classic white mens-style shirts, gradually get more ‘blousy’
    Make up – again gradual so no-one notices what’s different about, they’ll just know you look different (although I’m not expert of make-up!)
    Etc etc

    Hope that helps!

    • Hannie says:

      Hehe thank you for the advice 🙂

      Unfortunate the maxi dress doesn’t suit me because I’m 5 ft 2 so it makes me a funny shape lol.

      I like the idea of the skirts, tights and high boots 🙂

      So shopping list (we’ll aim for winter hehe) knee high boots with a wedge or block heel, nice black shirt and thick tights 🙂

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