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Since we went to see New Moon back in November me, my cousin and my Aunt have been wanting to see Eclipse – after all it’s the next in the story. We’re all massive Twilight fans and have read the books at least once (My Cousin has read The Short Life of Bree Tanner but both me and My Aunt haven’t read it yet.)

The book of Eclipse was probably the one that raises the most questions about whether Bella should pick Edward or Jacob. I came out the other side wanting her to pick Jacob whereas my friend told me that Edward is so the right person for her. (I am still very much in the Jacob camp – He never tried to change her, he wanted to be with her whoever she was.)

Just like New Moon, there were whole chunks that had been dropped from the story line – I guess this was mainly due to the screening time and things like that. Having just flicked through New Moon there is over 70 pages between Bella and Edward breaking up and Bella taking the bikes to Jacob. She’s supposed to be drawn and really depressed and the film doesn’t show that – I guess that’s all crammed into the “montage” of seasons.

Anyhoo we got to the end of the film (Eclipse – that is) and from the screen to dropping me off at the front door we reviewed the film and talked about reading, books and book clubs. I think to do it justice we might all have to see it a second time. After all you spend the first time through taking in the story line rather than filling in the gaps.

If you have read the books go see it. If you haven’t read the books I would recommend reading the book first before the film, but in the end it’s up to you lol.

On the other hand this afternoon we have a thunderstorm. My friend’s facebook status said:

is going to move to Forks because Edward and Jacob are totally her brand of heroin. And so the lion fell in love with the lamb. Swoon. Ps Stephanie Meyer is one of the greatest writers in the literary canon.

She hadn’t really written this as she’d left her account signed in on her friends phone and her friend left it for her but back to the thunderstorm!

So I see my friend’s status on Facebook and I respond with:

Looks like the weather came to you. How about game of baseball?

Okay so I know how to play Rounders rather than Baseball but it would have been fun lol.


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