Butlins 2010: Saturday

Technically it’s now Tuesday! I kept trying to write the posts but we were doing too much and then when we weren’t doing stuff I was too hot or too tired to bother lol.

Saturday started with breakfast. I thought I would manage a bowl of Muesli and a some fry up bits. I got through my muesli and decided that I was already full – I felt kinda bad – I get that it’s an all you can eat breakfast thingy but it was kinda a waste. I think I made it through a sausage and decided that was enough lol.

Following breakfast we decided to head into Skegness for a wander. But first we had to take pictures on the giant deck chair. Me and That Boy had a serious picture then my FIL decided that he couldn’t be left out and so decided to show off.

My FIL had been for an explore earlier during the week (they had been at Butlins since Monday) and so knew a place to park that was close enough to the sea front to walk into town but far enough away not to have to pay parking fees. We went for a wander along a stretch of shops. I was looking for a sun hat because it was so hot and sunny. We’d gone in various tourist-y shops but they were all cheesy never wear again kinda hats lol. We ended up in Peacocks and I found a few that I liked but most were too small (I guess all that knowledge in my brain has stretched my skull and my scalp lol.)

I found one that was like a Stetson – like a cowboy hat lol. It’s got shells and beads on a string around it so that was nice and holiday-ness. (I don’t think my explanation does it justice lol – Maybe I’ll take a picture).

After hat shopping we went for a wander along a bit further and then down to the sea front. Me and my MIL went for a paddle which was good fun. We then walked back up the beach to where my FIL and That Boy were perched on some rocks. My SIL had gone to look for some swimming goggles so when she eventually caught up with us at the beach we semi-dragged her kicking and screaming back down to the sea for a paddle. She eventually got there and did go for a paddle but she kept whimping out about how cold it was and how fast the waves were coming in. (It was cold but in comparison to the air temperature it was lovely and cooling).
We headed back to the camp and came up with plans for the rest of the day. That Boy crashed in a heap in our room while I went for a wander round the funfair with my in laws. It was good fun.
EDIT: So I keep trying to finish this post but I get confused as to what happened next so for now I’m leaving it like that.

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