Mud Mud Glorious Mud!

Earlier in the week I read an article about how kids are getting more allergies and are often sicker because they are spending less time outside playing. When we were kids I used to spend whole mornings or afternoons out in the garden with my Dad. I’m not sure I was ever good at the gardening but it was a good time. Jaxon is 23 months now and is already such an outdoor body. He loves being out in the garden or running round the park. When we were camping this year he loved being able just to potter round and play outside. We discovered in the last couple of weeks that he loves splashing in puddles. 

On Wednesday we ended up at the park with a friend and her son, Jaxon was having a wail of a time and found a couple of puddles that he decided to splash in. By the time we got back to the car I had to strip off his jogging bottoms and shoes because they were both so damp and muddy. He had thrown a little tantrum when I said it was time to go home but he’d had a great time and was happy that he’d been out to play. 

I posted the above picture on Instagram with the caption: 

When this is the result from a trip to the park it’s got to be good. Happy boy but muddy clothes equals happy mummy. I can fix mucky clothes and shoes lol. 

Making him happy or fixing the world so he can be happy isn’t something I can do easily but if stomping in a muddy puddle is what makes him happy then I will do all the washing in the world. Sometimes the washing machine isn’t going to keep up and might not always get the mud out but if Jaxon is happy that’s the main thing. 

Bring on more stomping in puddles!!