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A long time a go in a galaxy not so far away, I started a blog.

Why I started a blog, I’m not 100% sure I wanted to learn web design and I had started with one of those cheesy free sites that had adverts round the outside and you could add cheesy glittery GIFs (before they were uncool and then came back again lol).

Chris wouldn’t let me make one of these sites when blogging on WordPress was within my reach for no charge. I started my first blog with all the crazy that, that entailed – I would write and write and write and hardly anyone I knew was reading it. I had some comments but not many – did that matter though? Nope probably not.

My blog has brought me various opportunities along the way which I have loved. We’ve played with a remote control helicopter, been to Butlins and been to a film screening, all because of my blog.

But over the years I think I have got caught up in what my blog should be rather than what I want it to be. I think like a lot of things it was something I felt had to be a set way to be taken seriously or be acknowledged. Was I ever going to be a famous blogger? Who knows – as I put it to someone the other day “I think I am a big fish in my little pond” or something like that. My little pond is probably the size of a puddle and doesn’t really account for anything but it’s a starting point. I’ve tried to come up with mad projects like the Julie/Julia Project (The original blog got taken down but some of the posts are copied verbatim into the Julie and Julia book by Julie Powell), having seen the film. I came home and cooked scrambled eggs even though it was like 9:30pm and I hated cooked. Similarly I came home having seen Eat Pray Love and wanted to pack my suitcase and escape to Italy for a few weeks (never did, Italy is still on the Wanderlust List).

So why am I writing this… in all truthfulness, I think trying to conform to something I’m not as far as blog was causing me a deal of stress. I’d get like writer’s guilt from not blogging, then write a sucky post that wasn’t me or was like a carbon copy of last week’s month’s post near enough word for word.

I’m therefore going to try to blog what I want to blog, in whatever version that comes. Maybe it’s wrong maybe it’s right, let’s see.

Want to come on the adventure with me?

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  1. SC says:

    Hannah, I am so in the same boat…I’ve discovered over the past 2 years that I am not a DIY blogger, I’m not a food blogger mostly cause I don’t measure when I cook so creating recipes is really hard, I’d love to be more of travel blogger but money, and I don’t blog about my faith very often so I’m not really a faith blogger either. I’m not your blog, or Hello Nature, or Living in Yellow. And that is ok!

    This summer, it’s about finding my voice. Whatever that is and speaking freely!

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