Mummy’s Adventure in London

Mummy's Adventure to London

I wrote the post about Jaxon taking on the Piccadilly Line and I think the confusion was that I was going with him on the second part of his adventure but actually I’m not. I had my own adventures to experience. 


Having dropped Jaxon with Chris, Our Sidekick and Nanny at the airport, it was time for my adventure to begin. I headed back to the underground via a newsagents. My water was running low and I needed some painkillers as my head was starting to hurt. When I unpacked my bag, I realised that I had got some with me all along! 
I got onto the first Piccadilly Line train out of Terminal 4 Once the train got on a move I was heading towards my host’s house for the night. At Holborn I changed for the Central Line and onto the next part of the journey. When I got to my stop, I was so grateful. Thankfully the Central Line had been cooler than the Piccadilly Line but it was still hot and it was still crowded as people headed home from work.
My host Mel and her daughter came to collect me from the station which was really lovely. She had a couple of errands to run on the way home but I really didn’t mind – I had expected to have to walk from the station to the house, not get a lift.
Mel is part of a group who had a women’s conference on Saturday. I I was recruited to assist with various tasks that needed to be done in preparation – again I didn’t mind. I was so grateful that I didn’t have to stay in a B&B or a hostel by myself that I was more than happy to help with what I could.
Between Mel’s husband and their lodger who were on dinner duty we were set for a good meal. Mel’s husband was on BBQ duty out in the garden. Their lodger was working on some yummy bits in the kitchen. Following dinner we worked our way through Mel’s to do list for the conference. We had worship music playing all evening and chatted about all sorts of different things while we worked. It was great to get to know Mel better as I’ve only seen her at Planner Con and the EllieBeth Designs Day.
Around 11 I headed to bed. The whole day was catching up with me and the tiredness was catching up with me.


Between the light coming through the bedroom window and the fact that I think my body clock is semi-used to be woken up at 7 am by Jaxon, I was bolt awake at 6:45 am. I got dressed and repacked my rucksack. I’d brought a jumper in case it got cold in the evening and an umbrella in case it turned wet. Both of which I didn’t need in the end and probably could have left at home.

I headed downstairs and Mel and her daughters were already up and getting ready to go to the conference. I was instructed where breakfast was and told to help myself. I had crunchy nut cornflakes for the first time in a while.

I caught a lift with Mel to their church and helped to set up a little bit before walking up the road towards the station.

I checked Google which was telling me that taking the bus was also an option. So rather than having to walk to the tube station, catch the tube and then change for the bus anyway, when I realised the bus would take me straight to Walthamstow Central anyway. It did mean that I got to see more of London that I would have missed had I been on the tube.

When I got off the bus I went to a local shop to get a top up for my water bottle. I then went to find a bench in the shade while I waited for my friend/client Jo to arrive – we were actually going to meet one another in person for the first time!

I headed along to Jo’s display as part of the E17 Art Trail. Jo’s display was really interesting, it was photography of flowers and plants. I was looking in the book and at the display as Jo arrived. We had a bit of a chat and then I was about to make a comment about sunflowers and the Fibonacci sequence. It was only when I properly read the description bit accompanying the work and realise that was part of the idea behind the work. The short description from the trail guide is as follows:

A surprising number of planys grow in whirling spiral patterns. Remarkable for their complexity and beauty, they also show consistent mathematical patterns. A photographic study.

We stood chatting about the work and Jo’s thinking behind it. My favorite was ones that looked like daisies.

I then set off to follow the Village Trail. I set out on my little route and I got to a junction in the road and when I went to cross the road I spotted this little wildflower bed. This wouldn’t be the only one I would see today but each one made me happy. You think of London being a concrete jungle and yet around Walthamstow, there were these flower beds popping up.

Wild flowers in Walthamstow

Along from the flower bed, I found these pieces of art painted on the wall and then the fence around a building site. I had to stop and take a picture of the fence. “Not all those who wander are lost” is one of my favourite quotes. Today was definitely true of that. I wasn’t lost in Walthamstow I was wandering and exploring.

Random but beautiful street art More Random but beautiful street art "Not all those who wander are lost" "I love you and I don't know you" Look at that window!

I love looking at buildings too. Right in a row of terraces houses I spotted this one with this lovely big window overlooking their front garden.
You Are Loved More unexpected flower beds

Something that struck me as I wandered round was how quiet it was. When I got to Vestry House Museum for the exhibition there, I sat in the garden and was surprised how quiet it was. I could hear bird song, someone singing and the odd train going from Walthamstow Central station but other than that it was really quiet. The exhibition there was called Treasuring our Twittens, this was a project curated by Abigail Woodman and Paul Tucker.

The footpaths of Waltham Forest fascinate and intrigue, but they are under threat. This exhibition combines the results of volunteers’ explorations to map the footpaths of our borough with photographs by Paul Tucker.

While in the Vestry House Museum shop I was looking at the E17 Designers display. I very very nearly bought a purse from Mika Bon Bon but I decided that I didn’t really *need* it so I walked away (but I’ve spotted that the lady is on Etsy so might order another day).

After the Vestry House Museum, I headed round along Orford Road where there were a number of small businesses who were hosting little exhibitions. I popped into Froth & Rind for the Site of Scientific Interest exhibition by Chloe Beale.

Photographs of a load of old rubbish, by Chloe Beale, taken in the post-apocalyptic landscape of Dungeness.

The challenge I did find on this particular route was that a lot of the exhibitions didn’ t open until midday or 2pm. I decided to head up towards Hoe Street and the trail there as a lot of the displays and exhibitions were in shops and other businesses that would be open all day.

From Froth & Rind, I walked along Orford Road through the churchyard at St Mary’s Church to Church Hill. I then did a bit of a wiggly route to cut through to Hoe Street but it did mean that I could see the “knitted celebration” at Howard House.

A knitted celebration of science and space, for all ages to enjoy!

You can find more information about their knitted adventures on Facebook and Twitter.

Sci Fi Yarn Bombing! #HowardHouse Clangers #HowardHouse Albert Einstein #HowardHouse More yarn Clangers #HowardHouse Star Wars #HowardHouse Star Trek #HowardHouse Doctor and the Tardis

On the next bit I passed two of these Little Free Library boxes. I nearly picked up a book from the second one but realised that I have a copy of that specific book at home anyway. (And that I wanted to start writing this blog post on the way home or write penpal letters rather than read a book!)
Little Lending Library

Before I reached the next places, I popped into the E17 Art House in Hoe Street. Again lots of lovely handmade, local goodies.

After making a couple of other stops I headed back to the station to catch the Victoria Line to King’s Cross St Pancras. I did have a minor wobble when my ticket said that it was “Bedford via West Hampstead”. I thought this meant that I had to be on a Bedford service that actually stopped at West Hampstead. I got myself back St Pancras and debated which train I needed to be on. Having figured out that I probabbly needed to go on a Thameslink service rather than an East Midlands service I would need to go on a slower service from one of the downstairs platforms. I decided I’d go get a writing set from Paperchase and then I could write penpal letters on my way home. Actually I ended up in Kikki K having been given a voucher by a member of staff who was manning a display further along the train station.
Spotted in St PancrasI love the pianos in St Pancras. I ended up playing piano with a little girl there once. I’m not actually sure I can play anything else off heart other than Für Elise. One day I might remember to take a piece of sheet music to play when I get to the piano.

I headed to the barrier to go downstairs to the platforms and because the barrier wouldn’t take my card I had to go and see a staff member. I then realised that although there were trains going to Bedford none were via West Hampstead. I went back to the barrier and asked if I could take an East Midlands train or if it had to be a Thameslink one. The guy on the barrier confirmed that I could get on any service stopping in Bedford – well there we go then. Get on an East Midlands service – quicker service and as long as I get a window seat, I can put my phone on charge too.

After a bit of confusion with my Mum, we found each other in the end and she dropped me home. Once I’d had a bath and relaxed a bit I headed back to her house for tea. We spent some time in the garden working on some crafty bits. Then following dinner we watched the first episode of Pitch Battle.
Being creative with Mum in the Garden


    • Hannah says:

      I did have a lovely time – it would have been nicer if it has been just a little cooler rather than crazy hot like it has been for the last few days but the fact that it was dry and sunny was enough for me. Each time I’ve been to London with Jaxon by myself, someone has come to my rescue in one way or another. I try and pass on the love when I can – sometimes it’s little like holding open a door or something like that but if it’a makes the difference in another person’s day then that’s the goal achieved.

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