Currently… 22nd June

Another week has almost part of it’s time for another Currently post.

Currently - What Have I Been Upto?

Currently… Watching

Given the heat this week and the fact the boys have been away, I’ve been working my way through White Collar while I can. I have episodes of Pretty Little Liars and iZombie to catch up with over the next couple of days. I haven’t made it to Wonder Woman yet but there is still time in this week to get there. Another that I’d like to go and see is Hampstead – it looks like a good laugh.

Pitch Battle started this week and I watched with my Mum (while Dad was in the garden avoiding us!). I have mixed opinions about it. With it being compared to Pitch Perfect, I thought it was an A Capella competition. However a lot of the groups sung with a backing track or a band which then defeated the whole A Capella thing. My friend and I are going to watch it this week. It’ll be comical to have a running commentary in the same room rather than via WhatsApp.

Currently… Reading

Like a lot of things, focusing on a book in this heat has been a bit of a challenge. I’d like to get some more reading done while the boys are away so will try and get some more reading soon.

Currently… Listening

I started the week listening to my May Playlist (Still!) but then moved to my Pitch Perfect one after Saturday.

Currently… Making

I took my crochet with me to Lemon and Ginger on Monday. However, with it being so warm, my hands just kept getting sweaty and I couldn’t crochet.

Currently… Doing

With the boys being away, I’ve been trying to get bits done around the house. I put up my solar powered fairy lights up in the garden. I’ve been working my way around the garden watering Chris’s plants each night. I had a couple of other plans to work on bits around the house. Some of which I’ve managed to get done but other bits I haven’t been able to do because of the heat.

Currently… Writing

I’ve been catching up on journal entries though while I have the chance. Just need to get some pictures printed to fit in around the text. I’ve also been busy writing blog posts. I’ve been trying to get some posts done while the boys are away and it’s a bit easier to focus in theory. I wrote about Jaxon’s adventure to get to the airport and then my first adventure without the boys here.


Fed up of the heat. I’m grateful for the sunshine don’t get me wrong but just a few degrees cooler would make all the difference. I keep getting motivated to go for a run or do some exercise then I step outside and get hit by a cloud of humidity.

The weather today is much cooler and I am so grateful! We even had a few rumbles of thunder. 


Wig the boys away I’m trying to get lots of “one day” tasks done. Painting the bathroom is still on the to do list. I just need to get my head round getting the radiator off the wall without dropping it on my foot or wrecking the house in the process. 


Loving the freedom that comes with not being on mum duty but missing my boys like crazy!