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So earlier I wrote about music and Carol’s post at Bass-ically Speaking about Band Practices now I am following my earlier post by writing about my musical background.

I think it started in utero as my Mum tells me how her and My Aunt went to see Cats in London when she was pregnant with me and my Aunt was pregnant with my cousin David.

I probably started singing about the time that I could talk.

When it came to musical instruments I started playing the recorder like lots of people do. Then at about the age of 9 when I moved up to Year 5 and started Middle school I started learning the flute, I also startedKeyboard lessons. I could kinda already play a bit of piano as my Grandma plays the organ (not one of the massive pipe organs – just a little one like a Keyboard sort of thing).

By about Year 6 or 7 I’d learnt the Treble recorder (3rd one down) (kinda by accident in a way – my teacher asked could anyone play it and I said yes even though I couldn’t so had to learn it at high speed lol)



While I was at Middle School I started going to SMMS (Saturday Morning Music School) where I played in the Orchestra and sang in the choir. I also joined a recorder group where I would learn to play the Bass recorder (top one in the picture). By the end of Middle School I owned a Sopranino (the smallest) Descant and Treble and I could play all five.
There was a group of five or six of us in Year 8 who received extra music tuition of sorts from our music teacher as we were all musicians and could play to a certain level. I played in pretty much every group apart from the String group – because I didn’t play a string instrument!
When I got to Upper School I taught myself Acoustic Guitar and started to play my Mum’s guitar. One Christmas i asked for a guitar of my own and I got a blue Fender Squire Strat. It was my baby! I lent it to my friend one break time and it came back with a small chip in it and I freaked out at him and didn’t talk to him for like a week (poor boy!)
I moved to Upper School and although I had lost two of my closest friends because they went to other schools, that wasn’t going to stop me! As soon as possible I was having flute lessons again, I also started singing lessons but I had to share my lessons and I didn’t really get on with the person I was sharing with (she was a good friend but when it came to singing lessons she became a bit of a meany). So I gave up the singing lessons – but I didn’t stop singing I was in the choir and orchestra amongst other groups. In year 10 when it came to my GCSE’s I wanted to drama and music but because of how the choices work I couldn’t do both and so I had to do Expressive Arts.

This is the end of part 1 but I will be back with Part Two as I might have some exciting news later – fingers crossed!!!!

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  1. Kate says:

    Oh cripes, I remember playing the recorder. Stopped when I went to upper school, though my two descants are still hanging around the place somewhere. Thought about buying a Tenor I saw, but the bottom key was snapped, and I figured it would be a pain and a cost to replace the section.

    Never did do singing lessons, but remained an alto, singing all over the place at upper school. My claim to fame is a two bar duet on a Barnado’s CD! Fun. I miss singing now, and my voice has dropped four or five notes because its not exercised.

    Still play the piano, but the horn needs a repair, and I fell out of love with it. Doing A-levels and exams in music took the fun out of it all. I hated analysing music like poetry, counterpoint and was easily bored by composition. I guess we were lucky to have such an encouraging teacher!

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