Nim’s Island

For ages I’ve been wanting to see this film. I kept seeing the adverts and then some how never got to see it. It’s been on the “On Demand” services from our TV supplier for awhile and I keep passing it up for other films. I decided I wanted to watch it yesterday when it appeared on Sky Box Office when I was at my parents.

I loved this film! It was sooooo cool! Abigail Breslin is fab! I think she’s great in Little Miss Sunshine and Definitely, Maybe.

Gerard Butler stars as both Alex Rover (from the book) and Nim’s Dad. The story at the beginning about where Nim’s Mum is clear (but I was in the loo so I missed it! lol)

I recommend this film! It’s a bit of a kiddie film but I’m 22 and still love kids films because they are all about the happy ending or the fairy tale rather than blood guts and gore and a sad ending.

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  1. organicsyes says:

    Stopping by after I received your post:) Thanks…

    I loved Nim’s Island…and I am 43…with 2 boys, who also loved it.

    Will stop by more often to learn more about you and your music!

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