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Have you ever had that feeling that there is so much going on around you that you’re bound to miss something. That’s what I feel like right about now.

Yesterday I had the day off work because I woke up at 5am with a whopping headache which later I’d add up the symptoms and work out that it was a migraine. I’ve been having more headaches in the last year or so but yesterday was the first time since I was at school that I had a full blown migraine. I woke up at 5.08, got up went to the bathroom and my head was throbbing – I stood on the landing and was in two minds about getting painkillers – I was about to go downstairs and remembered that we didn’t have any and it was really too early to ask The Kiwi if she had any. I got back into bed but couldn’t get comfy and I was too hot so I kicked off the duvet then was frozen so pulled it back on again – about 5:30 Chris woke up enough to tell me that there was dissolvable paracetamol downstairs – so I got back out of bed and it took me like 10 minutes to make it downstairs because at first I thought I was going to throw up (TMI I know) so I got downstairs and sorting the painkillers out then knew I was going to be sick so I headed back upstairs and that’s when it happened. Almost exactly on the 45 minute mark since I woke up – as I say last time I had a migraine that I could time like that was when I was at school. I think while I remember what happened during the day I need to note it all down so that if there is a next time soon I can make sure I’m prepared and also know what may have triggered it.

So after all that I slept for most of the morning minus a few breaks to text my manager and things like that. I barely ate anything which probably explains why I wasn’t hungry today as well. I had a slice of toast and a bowl of cereal – that was all I ate all day – that’s crazy! I even when to bed at 10 and read until 10:30 and went to sleep around 11 – that’s positively unheard of for me! I’m a night owl what’s going on! This morning I was awake around 8 and mooched in bed then got up at 8:25 – again positively unheard of – I might have to start on earlier nights. I was back in work today and just feel lost my to do list went from 1 to 30 in about 2 hours which means it’s going to be busy. Ugh.

So my opening statement of “Have you ever had that feeling that there is so much going on around you that you’re bound to miss something. That’s what I feel like right about now.”

Actually comes in because my friend Sooz is going to South Africa to do YWAM in a few weeks (she has a blog) and it really feels like last week it was off in the future and was ages away and now it’s in a few weeks it’s like 5 or 6 weeks away now which is like 30 ish days – that’s like nothing and then she’ll be gone for a whole year – she won’t even be back in the UK for Christmas. That’s crazy!

At the end of this week my cousin and his fiancé Ally get married – which is super cool – we’ve been talking about it for so long and it being off somewhere in the future and now we’re down to days rather than months. Mum and Me were talking shoes and jewellery on Friday and today it was batteries for the camera – that’s how close it is lol.

Add to that, in 7 weeks Chris does his LE2JOG Challenge – hence the crazy blogging and tweeting about it yesterday (and yes I’m sorry it’ll probably get mentioned every day or so for the next 7 weeks!) – then again that means that it’s less than 7 weeks until Cat and Bex get married to their respective fiancés which is crazy but so awesome. (Unfortunately I go to Bex’s which is a real shame as I desperately wanted to be there!).

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