My 30 Days – Day 10

My Thirty Days

My 30 Days

Today’s Prompt:

A picture of you and your family.

I’m not sure if I actually have a decent photo of me and my family lol. I have ones with my parents and ones with my hubby but I think my brother may manage to evade the camera so it might have to be a wedding picture or I’ll divide it up so we have my family in multiple pictures.


Back in July Me and my Mum went to a studio day in London, it’s never something we would normally do as neither me or my Mum are the type to spend ages on our make-up and stuff like that. We had some pictures taken together as well as all our single ones.


Me and My Dad

Me and My Dad are like completely barmy when we get together sometimes for example this picture was taken at my Aunt’s wedding. They had a trio singing then a disco in the evening but during the trio it was proper dancing (well I guess disco is proper dancing but this was like partner waltzing ness) So me and Dad started dancing near the door away from other people so that we didn’t crash into anyone but we kept being silly so my brother or That Boy took this picture.

Brother (aka The Stig)

Skeleton Rich

My brother hates having his photo taken – any day he’d rather be the person taking the picture – well I managed to get one of him the other day at the fun day – he had been cornered by The Kiwi to have his face painted. He choose a skeleton – which was funny as he’s 6ft ish tall and was wearing big skater jeans with his hope shirt – he actually looked kinda scary (and reminded us of one of the Bond baddies but we couldn’t remember the name of the baddy) hence the picture. He’s nicknamed The Stig because at a youth event earlier this year he was dressed up as The Stig (from Top Gear) and then the young people had to try and beat him on one of the racing games.


Fountain 1

That Boy is my best friend (at least most days lol). He’s an adventurer at heart so I have pictures of him climbing walls and making fires here there and everywhere.

The Kiwi

Okay so technically she’s not a relative but she’s been semi-adopted into the family so she’s kinda like a sister anyway so she’s included. Back in February, we went to see Chitty Chitty Bang Bang at a local theatre. We’d been for a wander round the shops and then went to get some tea – when this photo was taken she thought it was just a coincidence that my Mum, Dad, The Stig and some other friends were there, actually what she didn’t know was that there was a whole plot going on. Following dinner we made a point to walk a funny way back to the car and as we went past the theatre we stopped and her best bud got the tickets out her bag and said about what the whole plan was – she had no idea at all!

On the theme of family, I got an interesting friend request this morning on Facebook. My Grandad has joined Facebook – when I checked at lunch he just has 3 friends but I’m sure he’ll gain some more once people know he’s there lol. He seems to know anyone and everyone lol. Just need him to get a profile picture now lol


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    • Hannie says:

      Thank you 🙂 They are random ones that I found lol – I think the goal was to have one picture with you family in it but thats a bit of challenge as I am usually behind the camera!

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