Hairband! (BEDA Day 32)

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Okay so now I actually have to think up proper titles having had a month with titles such as “BEDA Day 5” or “Bonus BEDA Day 24“. I was sat in front of my Mac yesterday evening and gain some inspiration from somewhere so made these funky little fluff balls lol. I got a strip of felt and then wrapped it round to create this funny bobbly thing. I then found an elasticated hairband and sewed them to it in some formation making the above. Tada! I showed my housemate and she said I should go into business – I could but I’m sure I already saw them somewhere so then it would be copying and that wouldn’t really be fair if I stole someone else’s idea from somewhere (if you make a similar product to the above and would like some kind of “inspired by….” then drop me an email and I’ll add a link.

BEDA may be over but My 30 Days is continuing I will see you on the other side when it shall be September.


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    • Hannie says:

      Thank you 🙂 I took it to bits this evening and re-sewn it because it wasn’t really tight enough but it should be better now 🙂 Thinking of making them for my Etsy store but while I can’t remember where I got my inspiration I can’t really start selling them (does that make sense)

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