My 30 Days – Day 12

Today is one of those days where my heart has been in my mouth nearly all day. My brother (Aka The Stig) had an MRI this morning and I texted my Mum saying “How did the MRI go? Are they going to amputate his leg at the hip?” I’m not sure if she appreciated it really. He’s got to wait two weeks for the results – so no amputation this weekend lol.

One of the lads in our youth group at church got his AS level results last week and they weren’t want he wanted. His school have said that he can’t resit them and he can’t continue onto his A2 Levels – so he needs an alternative – from what I’ve heard this morning he went to the the local college to see if they will take him on – I kept praying between orders and phone calls that there would be a place or he’d find a temporary job. I hate to see them lot in pain – okay I am no longer a youth leader person anymore but they are all my lovelies and when they hurt I hurt for them too.

Having been in the same boat as him when I finished my AS Levels, I want to see that it gets sorted out for him sooner rather than later.

On the other hand here is todays “My 30 Days”:
My Thirty Days

My 30 Days

Today’s Prompt:

A photo of something you ate today.

Well I don’t really eat breakfast – I was going to have a sausage sandwich but the breakfast was too popular today and there weren’t any left in the canteen I had a packet of mini hob nobs (yeah okay they aren’t healthy but they are less than 200 calories so that’s not so bad right?), I then drank a can of diet cola this morning.

Lunch was a coronation chicken and sweetcorn white bread sandwich. Yesterday and today it tasted kinda funny so I think they might have changed the recipe or someone else made it rather than the normal person lol.

I have no idea what is for dinner this evening – I have a rehearsal from 8 til 9 for a performance that I am in next weekend – I also am speaking at my parents church that same weekend so I need to get a move on and finish my talk because at the moment it’s still in about its first draft. I also need to write a sketch that can be performed with two puppets or something to fill that time. I have however chosen my worship songs/hymns – one of which is How Great Thou Art.

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