My 30 Days – Day 13

My Thirty Days

My 30 Days

Today’s Prompt:

Someone you would want to switch lives with for one day + why.

ARGH this one is soooo hard – I’ve written two attempts and keep changing my mind lol.

So my first idea was to swap places with the Conductor at The Last Night of The Proms and conduct the London Symphony Orchestra through Rule, Britannia and Pomp and Circumstance. I know it’s geeky in a sense but me and my Dad watch The Last Night of The Proms together nearly every year. I think it annoys my Mum how excited we get over a classical concert but I can’t help it – I think I get it from my G-Dad (Dad’s Dad) who loves classical music. My Manager at work went to a Beethoven and Mahler concert yesterday and the Berliner Philharmoniker were playing. I always thought that the tickets were expensive for The Last Night but according to the website – if you have a standing ticket as such it’s £5 – there is a queue for like 3 hours as you can’t reserve in advance but if me and Dad went we could take it in turn if we needed a drink or visit the little girls/boys room.

Image from the BBC Proms Website (Click Image for Source)

My other idea was somehow swap places with someone so that I could have a photography lesson with Annie Leibovitz. I love her photography. I think one of the first photos I saw of hers was the John Lennon and Yoko Ono one but actually this isn’t my favourite. I love how personality is captured in the images but also there are other things in there. Her photography has also caused so much controversy – for example that image of Miley Cyrus or that one of Demi Moore when she was pregnant.


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