My 30 Days – Day 28 and 29

It’s Tuesday today and I need to catch up on my “My 30 Days” post. Well in a second.

So this morning I had a really bad day. I got to work and was a little worked up about having to be there in the first place – I’d been sat at my desk about 20 minutes and one comment was made and that was it I was in floods of tears (luckily I’ve somehow mastered the art of holding the tears in long enough to exit the office and be half way to the loo before someone really notices)

So here starts the search (Again) for a new job. I don’t want a job that gets me that worked up before I’ve even done anything but check my emails.

Back to my weekend.

Our camping trip started on Saturday. We packed up our car and Caz’s car and set off for our trip. The Murf had been taken ill so we were down a car, it also meant that we lost car spaces. In the end Chris and one of our crew, headed for the train station and got there that way. The campsite was like 30 minutes from a tube station which was good.

We ended up having our own Top Gear Challenge of sorts. We all started lent up against Caz’s front garden wall and then all ran for our cars (or to the train station) We went to the petrol station on the way out of Bedford. Having got to the train station and headed out of Bedford I realised that I had forgotten my pajama bottoms (thankfully I had a pair of shorts with me that could be a temporary replacement – if not I would have been sleeping in my jeans!) also that if I’d got to the petrol station on Cardington Road rather than Riverfield Drive, I wouldn’t have had to double back on myself.

Anyhoo, we reached the M25 pretty quickly and the only traffic we hit was at Hatfield where there is road works as they fix up the Hatfield tunnel (it runs under a shopping centre it’s kind of a big deal that it doesn’t collapse lol.)

It took about an hour and 15 minutes to get to the site – when we got there it was just as complicated to find our pitch lol. We were told Field 5 Pitch 19. Well at first we could find Pitch 2 and Pitch 25 but couldn’t find 19 so we went for a drive round this field. (Me in our Sirion and Caz in her Amica or maybe it’s a Matiz – anyway it looked hilarious us driving round trying to find our space)

When we found it we set about to getting the tents up – it had clouded over a little bit and we thought if we at least had some shelter if the heavens did open then we would have somewhere to dive quickly. In our car I managed to jimmy out the tent from under everything and get it out the car – unfortunately Caz had to half unpack her car to get her tent out lol.

I am positive that I have more to share but I’m shattered and I am trying to catch up before I’m another day behind lol.

My Thirty Days

Day 28 The best part of your day.

Does going back to bed count? Lol. Erm getting home from work and flopping out on the sofa til Chris gets home to give me a hug or when you wake up like 10 minutes before your alarm and realise that you have more time to sleep.

Day 29: Things you collect + things you would like to start collecting.

VW Memorabilia, VW Beetles (Old Style) and VW Campervans (Old Style) – (aka Volkswagen Westfalia Campervan) not real ones just the little toy cars and ceramic figurine thingies (I wanted to take a picture but my collection is downstairs I’m upstairs and it’s an effort lol)

Books and DVDs are the other big collections that I have. If I had the space in my house I would have my own library – you know that bit in Beauty and The Beast and he shows her library and the books are from floor to ceiling – I think thats what I’d like one day lol.



    • Hannie says:

      Have you heard of the show Grand Designs? Me and Chris often talk about what we’d have in our house if we ever did a big project like that and mine always comes back to the library hehe.

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