My Current Planner Setup: B6 Chic Sparrow

It’s now November and heading towards Christmas and New Year at a rate of knots. Before getting my planner organised and setup for 2018, I thought I would share my current planner setup.

My Current Planner Setup: B6 Chic Sparrow

For work planning and notes I’m using an A5 Kikki K ring-bound planner. This has a combination of Webster’s Pages inserts, DIYFish and Annie Plans Printables. Along with the Kikki K, Paperchase and Filofax inserts I’ve collected over the years.

This post is focusing on what I have in my Chic Sparrow Pemberley. This particular one is now retired, although the Pemberley is still available in lots of other colours. This covers family appointments, journalling and Christmas planning amongst other things.

For a long time, I had wondered about getting a Chic Sparrow. However, given things like the cost and the cost of customs to import one, I kept being put off. I fell in love with the Meadowgate journals and for a while was in my standard size Meadowgate which you can read about here.


In the front pockets, I have all sorts of bits. In the top little pocket, I have a sticker that has a bible verse on it. The verse is Romans 8:1-2 and says “I have been set free” along with the verse in full underneath. In the bottom small pocket, I currently have a book of Second Class stamps. I usually have a book of First Class stamps in there too but they are currently in my purse (which is a Chic Sparrow Pemberley in the Nano size which has also been retired I believe).

In the big pocket, I have all sorts including stickers from EllieBeth Designs, Chocho and Mimi and Beautiful Planning. There are also general stickers from some high street stores. In the pocket at the back, I have a penpal letter from the very lovely Shelby. I think I need to reply but she’d about to move from California to Colorado. Replying was on hold until I received her new address (which arrived this week in my inbox) so now I’m off to reply once I finish this post I think.


The first insert in my current setup is an August to December insert by AnthologyNotes. This was a new discovery on Etsy and so far I am loving the insert. With it being a quarterly one I have ended up not using the first half of the insert. However, I can use it for to-do lists and notes. I have the week on one page with grid on the opposite page. 

This definitely works quite well for me because I can write my to-do list that might come up across the week like buying milk or washing Jaxon’s Preschool uniform for instance. I still end up writing a separate to-do list for work bits as one page often isn’t enough but it does mean that I can scribble lists on the go. One lady on the bus even commented on the fact that I was writing a to-do list!

When I snapped these pictures, I also had a printable from A Girl and Her Journal to try out. It was a weekly spread that has Erin Condren sized boxes. The challenge I found that at that point, the boxes weren’t quite the right size for the EC stickers that I had. I had a brief conversation with Emma (From A Girl and Her Journal) about measurements etc and we think we came up with a solution). I will definitely be trying it again because of the last 2-3 years I’ve gained a lot of EC sized stickers and don’t have anywhere to necessarily use them.

Next is an insert from AnniePlansPrintables. It’s a 2017-2018 (18 months) Monthly View. The idea for this was that things that happens every week or were being planned in advance now could be added to the diary so that I could then move them to the monthly inserts when I started a new insert. So far this seems to be working but I have a bit of a action plan for 2018 brewing so I think I might need a new idea come next year but we’ll see.


With Christmas round the corner my next insert is from MrsBrimbles. Although it isn’t technically a Traveller’s Notebook. I had originally purchased the ring bound version of her Christmas Planner inserts. With permission from her, I was able to copy and paste each page into a document and create my own insert for my TN. With some careful measuring once it had printed I was able to cut this down to size for my B6 Chic Sparrow. It’s definitely easier to take with me then the A5 print outs I had a few years ago! You can find Anna’s Mega Christmas Planner Bundle here, if you’re still trying to get yourself organised for Christmas.

Other Inserts

Within this Chic Sparrow, I have a plastic pocket that gives me two pockets. This carries various stickers – at the moment I have a sheet of the Boho Style Stickers from Mrs. Brimbles. There are also stickers from EllieBeth Designs and Chocho and Mimi. I think I also have some others in there too!

So this is my current planner setup, what do you use to keep yourself organsied? Are you a pen and paper kind of person or do you prefer an app on your phone?