My new hair cut!!!!

So I said there would be a photo yesterday but I was having trouble with the internet so I didn’t get round to here. But here we are are with it today. At the moment it’s brown but when I get chance I am going to dye it black again – especially as my two grey hairs are sticking out like a sore thumb again!

My new Hair

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  1. Ellie says:

    I like your hair black. It’s not a colour that suits many people, but from photo’s you’ve posted before it works for you.

    Ah…the dreaded grey hairs! I started to get them last year and having reached 35 years of age I don’t think that was bad at all. Except mine aren’t grey, but a silvery white colour. According to my hair dresser I am classed as ‘dark blonde’, which I personally just can’t see, so going silver/white would make sense. Anyway, I’m wittering. Unfortunately, I can’t dye my hair. A few years ago I had a severe allergic reaction to something (they never did figure out the cause) and my face swelled up like a balloon. I had to take steroids and my skin became like sandpaper. I’ve been advised not to use hair dye, as even if it is fine 10 times, I could have a reaction on the 11th. Does that make sense?

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