No I wasn’t sneezing! lol

Me and Chris went to PC World today to replace my speakers with the car on top that was my Christmas present from Chris – we plugged my iPod into it and it wasn’t happy it would only play a short burst of each song and then switch off. You were supposed to be able to put it on long play so that it just played the songs like normal speakers but it wouldn’t play along. We went into town first – it was very quiet so although we only went in a few shops as most of the them were closed it was nice just to go into town and not be knocked flying or walked into.

So then we walked to PC World via MacDonalds (Chris suggested it! How gobsmacked was I??!?!?). I sat in MacDonalds surfing the web on my iPod (they now have free wi-fi!) and this lad who was probably about 8 or 9 walked past our table and practically flew as he slipped over on the wet floor – the girl who works for Maccy D’s was mopping the floor and he just flew – there was no wet floor signs or anything, his feet went from underneath him and he landed on the floor on his back. He luckily got up and walked away but it was really sad because I thought he’d really hurt himself.

We got to PC World and sorted out the car we then looked around at the computers and stuff like that.

We then found these things called NaBazTag/Tag they looked really cool but were kinda on the expensive side. So when Chris asked me should we get one I was a bit reluctant, I pointed out that would he wake up tomorrow morning and really feel like it was a waste of money. nabaztagHe said I think I wouldn’t regret it so lets get one. It’s kinda half mine in replacement for the car – so in a way it wasn’t so expensive because it was half a christmas present. The picture isn’t our Nabaztag but it looks very similar. Ours is white rather than blue but we would like to change some bits of it like ears etc – Might get some ribbon or something to tie round it’s ears lol. The image came from Fabio’s Blog which can be found here.

While we were at PC World I bought a FM Transmitter so that I can play my iPod in the car. We plugged it in on the way back to PC World as Nabaztag Mark I had some problems and we had to take him back.


  1. Crystal says:

    Those are so cool. When they first came out I thought oh, those are just like the iDog and I was ready to dismiss them, then I read an article about all that they do and instantly fell in love and still want one! I think they’re so cute, and handy, and well, cool.

    Can’t wait to hear more of how you like it as you continue to play with it!

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