My Planning System Update – January 2018

Having shared how I use my Bullet Journal and how that’s going to fit in my planning system for 2018, I decided I needed to include updates as we go along. So I’ll be able to share what’s worked and what hasn’t worked. Also what has changed along the way out of preference or necessity.

My Planning System - January Update

So far we’re just a few days into January 2018 and there is already an update going on.

I finished my Sunshine Yellow Leuchhturm just between Christmas and New Year so while chilling on the sofa while the boys played. I got set up in the Purple Moleskine. This Purple Moleskine is a lined notebook (here). Now lined isn’t my personal favourite to use for bullet journaling. I definitely prefer having a grid for drawing tables and charts as needed. It kind of works on the lines but not so well.

My 2018 Diary and Bullet Journal

So buy a new one right?

Nope! Wrong! This year’s word is Simplify (read here about it more). So I’m attempting to work through the notebooks and journals that I already have before buying more. So this is going to be a challenge because there’s a lot of notebooks that I’ve bought in the shop thinking “I’ll use that for…” only to get home and change my mind or get blank page-itus!

When I complete the purple lined one I have either a red lined Moleskine or a Leuchtturm1917 Bullet Journal Edition. I guess depending on how I get on with the Purple Moleskine then determines which once I go into next. I might need to go back to the dot grid of the Leuchtturm1917 before braving the lines again! It did cross my mind to see if I could trade in one of the planner groups but then I have to try and get to the Post Office and things like that, and that’s just a faff!

Do you have a setup for this year? Are you going back to basics or sticking with something a bit more complicated? Do you use stickers and washi to decorate or keep it plain?