NaBloPoMo: Day 10: The One With The T-Shirt

So if I get these posted I will be upto date (And you readers will all be asleep having read 5 posts in one go so that your RSS doesn’t get clogged up lol)

I have one more day without my manager and as exciting and daunting as that seems I actually don’t mind. I’m kinda getting the jist and there’s not been too many difficult people – most of the issues I’ve been able to deal with apart from a few random collections that I know nothing about.

JD has really taken to knitting and was nipping along at lunchtime – I even did two rows on her scarf so there’s a bit of Hannah-ness in her new scarf – although I wouldn’t be able to pick them out as they are the same colour as the rest lol.

The scarf is made of some funky wool. It’s got two threads and one is navy blue all the way along it and then the other thread blends from blue to purple then pink and then back through purple and blue to start the pattern again.

I am also trying to get a T-shirt printed to take with me to #140conf but I’m really struggling – at the rate it’s going I’m going to have to get out the pens and write my own shirt lol.

I tried to go through Iffyton who produce some of my favourite shirts but they don’t do one of jobs. I tried a couple of other companies in Bedford but I didn’t hear back from one of them and the other could do it but I needed to be able to get the shirt to them and stuff like that. I guess I could get iron transfers but they can make the shirt crispy if you’re not careful.

This Meme (apparently it’s meem rather than me-me) was working it’s way round this afternoon so here are my answers – what are yours?

Four places I go regularly: My Mum’s House, Church, JD’s flat (or at least the “car park” lol), Mrs W’s House

Four favourite smells: Freshly mown grass, just baked cookies or cake, bacon sandwiches, Roast dinner (then again maybe food in general it would seem!!)

Four people I think will respond: Ruby, Elle or JD but not sure if Mum will lol ChattyAli just sent it to me! (It was being past round by email which is why you’d have people responding lol)

Four TV shows I watch: Being Erica, House, Grey’s Anatomy, Strictly Come Dancing.

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  1. David says:

    Hey Han,
    There is a place in CMK that does printing o t-shirt, while you wait, its one of these stall things they have down the middle of the 2 main walk ways, up near Middleton Hall end.

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