NaBloPoMo: Day 12: The One with Mum and Lunch

I got up this morning and for the first morning in about two weeks I really struggled with pulling it together and staying awake – I think it might be because at Mum and Dads, it was too warm (sleeping next to the radiator has that effect!) and too noisy so getting up was the best option. Then our house was kinda too cold to stay still so getting up was the best option and now we have heating I’m not able to get up lol. Then again I could just be a lazy lump lol.

Me and mum had lunch together with JD which was cool – I went for my lunch then rode the lift up to Level 4 to collect my Mum from her Clients office, then got the lift back downstairs again to the canteen, then when we finished eating me and JD rode the lift up to Level 4 with my Mum then she got out and we rode the lift down to my office (next door to the canteen!!) and then JD walked back to her office – her office is on Level 3 but she can’t get from the lift to her office because there is another office in the middle and it’s across the whole floor so you don’t walk down the corridor you actually walk through the office or something like that.

BTW Christmas is coming – we had our first Christmas card today and we start Christmas Carols at band tonight – rock on!

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    • God's Rock Angel says:

      Yep you were in this one! Knitting at lunch is too cool! You were already on the cast as The Wendy Lady 🙂

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